How To Shape Your Nails 7 Different Ways

by Lindsey Rose Black

If you thought that nail polish was the only way to mix up your mani, think again. There are endless ways to freshen up your nails by changing their shape. I've rounded up tutorials for how to shapes your nails in seven different ways. Each one is unique and will transform your look completely, giving off its own fabulous sort of vibe.

Sadly, I am part of the short nailed girls club. I've been biting them since I was 10. The struggle is so real that I've even tried those crazy cayenne pepper polishes that are supposed to stop you from biting, but somehow pulled through and was left with short nails anyway. Lucky for me (and all the ladies out there like me), fake nails means we get to play around just as much!

I'd say the two celebs at the forefront of the on fleek nail shaping games are Ariana Grande and Kylie Jenner. I mean, can we stop and appreciate the fact that this gal has rocked long oval nails and looked so cute comfortable doing it? No easy task.

Similarly, the youngest Jenner is hands down a complete nail icon. Her Instagram is full of dreamy Jenner nail inspo, and you definitely won't want to miss the times this star's acrylic manicures stole the show.

Ready to grab a nail file and start shaping? Here are seven shapes to consider for your next manicure.

1. Oval

NovaNailsInc put together a super epic and breezy tutorial for how to achieve that Grande-esque oval nail look. I promise you can do it yourself!

2. Square

I'm obsessed with cutepolish vids, and this one teaches you how to rock square nails in under three minutes. Yay!

3. Squoval

You guys, squoval is legit a thing and it's actually so much fun to say. Literally laughing out loud over here. Say it. Do it. And while you're at it, watch this simple and straightforward tutorial to rock the cute nail style yourself!

4. Almond

Almond shape nails are like the love child between stiletto and oval. Who doesn't want a love child?

5. Stiletto

Easy Nail Tutorials puts out just that, and while this video is a little longer than the rest, it's still a simple, un-intimidating process. Match with your shoes for extra crazy stiletto fun.

6. Coffin

Just in time for Halloween! This would be the perfect nail shape to pair with your sexy zombie costume.

7. Bubble

Bubble nails are a little more involved, but Easy Nail Tutorials does a solid job of breaking down the process. I think they'd be super fun to rock with a barbie Halloween costume!

Image Credit: loodieloodieloodie/Youtube