11 Kylie Jenner Nails that Are Shining Examples of the Acrylic Manicure

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Happy Birthday, Kylie Jenner! May you live long, prosper, and dye your hair many shades of teal. If there's anything we know about this famous rich girl, it's that she loves herself some claw jobs. If you follow Kylie Jenner on Instagram, you'll notice copious shots of the signature Kylie Jenner manicure: pointy nails in neutrals and pastels, juxtaposed against her face, a dinner scape, or the back of her cell phone. She's the poster child of the selfie generation, with the fingers to match.

The reality TV personality turns 17 today, and will most likely celebrate by laying out, tooling around LA with her motley entourage of rich hoodlums, and probably getting a manicure. On her name day, let's recall all the times that her inch-long tips stole the show. 'Cause obviously, you can never have enough acrylic nails...

Image: Kylie Jenner/ Instagram

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