Kendall Gets Futuristic In H&M x Balmain Spot

Will November 5 just hurry up and get here already? Model of the moment Kendall Jenner stars in H&M x Balmain's futuristic commercial, heralding next week's launch of what feels like the most anticipated "masstige" collabo ever. Given all the star-studded, pre-release promotion of H&M x Balmain, it certainly looks like a perfectly executed high-low fashion mashup. So of course it requires a commercial that matches that specific aesthetic.

In the two-and-a-half-minute spot, Jenner is a fierce, fabulous, and futuristic badass, while Balmain's Olivier Rousteing serves as the conductor. The clip's energy reminds me of a fashion-y version of Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" video, minus the A-list squad.

While Jenner is flanked by a bevy of stylish dancers, like the twins with granny gray hair and hot pink rain slickers, the commercial still centers on the model in all her H&M x Balmain-wearing glory.

Not only does Jenner strut her stuff while riding the subway but she also breaks out more than a few killer dance moves. She a stylish, sci fi commuter who communicates mostly with her eyes.

If anything, the spot places the pieces in context and shows how they look in a not-so-real-life setting. So the commercial provides more than a little inspo.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I just can't wait for H&M x Balmain to finally land at the fast fashion retailer already! The wait has been long enough.

Here are all the times Jenner and co. slayed on the subway and beyond.

Check out her wrapped, I Dream of Jeannie high pony.

Jenner never speaks in the clip, because her eyes say it all. She commands control of the subway car and its occupants with her stare. It's all about confident body language... emitted by a well-dressed body, of course.

Get up close and personal with Kendall Jenner and her slicked back hair.

These newspaper-wielding, commuting twinsies bust several fab dance moves on the train.

Jenner's crew does the same.

The squad's unisex fierceness knows no boundaries.

When Jenner points, while wearing a gold-belted, black fur coat, you move.

I can't decide what I love more — her hands-on-the-hips stance or her deep V, sparkling emerald mini.

While well-dressed, well-coiffed, and well-accessorized, the model just danced.

Jenner flashes a coy grin at the end, hinting that this may all be in her mind.

Watch the Kendall Jenner x H&M x Balmain commercial below.

Images: H&M Balmain Commercial (10)