You Have To See How Cute Adele Was As A Kid

The entire world is experiencing a renaissance of their love for Adele right now, thanks to the release of her first single in forever, "Hello" — and what a single it is. If you haven't shed a tear while listening to the song in the car (and then immediately hit repeat when it ended), you're lying to yourself. And as we anxiously wait for the upcoming release of her next album, 25 , the 27-year-old singer decided to throw us a bone. This week, Adele shared an adorable throwback photo of herself as a kid to thank her fans for being so supportive for her comeback, and oh my god. Tiny Adele is ridiculously cute, and looks exactly like her grown-up self does right now.

But seeing Adele as a gap-toothed kid has made me realize one thing: It's almost impossible to imagine Adele as a gap-toothed kid. Even in the lyrics in the songs of her first album, 19, were exceedingly deep and mature. She had a grasp on the intricacies of life and love that most teenagers never could have dreamed of, so it's easy to forget that at one point in her life, she was probably just as obsessed with Barbies and Nickelodeon cartoons as you were — until you see the photo.

Even though she's definitely a regular little one in that photo, I have a feeling that she'd still be writing soulful anthems about heartbreak and loss. And in what was probably Adele's real first album, 8, she probably included these tracks.

1. "Mom Won't Let Me Have Cookies Before Dinner"

Literally the worst part of being a kid, and the best part of being an adult, because now you can eat cookies whenever you feel like it. I feel like Adele would have had so many brilliant things to say about this, probably in reference to wanting something you can't have.

2. "I Had To Sit Out At Recess Today"

She'd liken time out to prison without parole, probably — and it would be beautiful.

3. "Bedtime"

Adele could do a lot with the theme of darkness, missing out on everything people who didn't have a bedtime get to do, and the monsters in her closet.

4. "I Lost My Parents In A Department Store"

Every child has felt the fear of looking up and realizing their parents are nowhere to be found. Fear makes for excellent music inspiration.

5. "Summer Vacation: Where Are You?"

I'd love to hear Adele's take on the long, lonely days of sitting in a classroom, dying for summer to come around and yearning for freedom.

6. "I'm Not Sharing My Barbies"

What's hers is hers. And while sharing is caring, sometimes it's just more fun to keep your stuff to yourself.

Actually, these songs sound amazing. Could she release an album like this, maybe in honor of her son, Angelo? 25 first, though. I'll be listening to "Hello" on repeat while I wait.

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