7 'Inside Out' Videos To Fill You With Joy

It might be the worst time to be an Inside Out fan right now — anxiously counting down to the Pixar hit's Nov. 3 DVD release date, all while agonizing over whether or not to just purchase the film on iTunes or Amazon Video instead of waiting for it to be streaming online. It's a stressful situation for those who fell in love with Riley and her emotions in this summer's massive animated hit, but for you fans who absolutely cannot wait, I've found out where you can watch Inside Out online.

Unfortunately, with the DVD release still a few days away, Inside Out is tough to find online — legally. If you absolutely need to watch Inside Out right now, then your options are pretty much limited to buying the movie online via iTunes or Amazon Video. Because we're still days away from a DVD release, the movie is only available to purchase, not rent, and is only available in HD (read: at a higher price). Both iTunes and Amazon Video have Inside Out in HD digital download on sale for $19.99, as does Google Play, VUDU, and Microsoft. Fans looking to spend a little less can wait until Nov. 3 to either buy the DVD or download the SD option for $14.99, currently available for pre-order on both sites. After the Nov. 3 release, it's likely that Inside Out will also be available to rent on most streaming sites, including Amazon, iTunes and VUDU.

Luckily for us, Pixar has decided to take pity on Inside Out fans by releasing short teasers and funny promotional videos of Inside Out extras, including a sneak peek at the short film "Riley's First Date?" and more. Here's a round-up of Inside Out videos to watch while you wait for the real thing.

Inside Out Reacts To Star Wars Trailer

Because you've already watched the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer too many times. At least now you have an excuse to see it again!

"Riley's First Date?"

A behind the scenes look at the Inside Out short, "Riley's First Date?" which comes as a special feature on digital dowloads and on the DVD.

Amy Poehler Behind The Scenes

Fun fact learned by watching this video: the screenwriters worked with Amy Poehler (Joy) on a final draft of the script, letting her have input on Joy's character and lines.

Inside Out Director Pete Docter Behind The Scenes

Inside Out director Pete Docter talks about how he decided to center the story on the emotions Sadness and Joy.

Designing Sadness

Get some insight into the artists that created the look for Sadness.

Deleted Scene "Construction"

Check out this deleted scene from Inside Out, featuring the character that made grown men cry — Bing Bong!

Extended Clip From Inside Out

You can watch a whole six minutes of Inside Out on YouTube with this extended clip. See Riley's catastrophic first day of school, here.

I'm getting all the feels just thinking about it.

Images: Walt Disney Studios; Giphy