8 Feminist Kids' Movies Just Like 'Inside Out'

It's only been a little over a month since Inside Out came to theaters, but so much has happened in that time that the movie's release feels like forever ago. Not only did Inside Out break box office records upon its debut, but it also and took over the Internet, spurred talk of a sequel, and introduced something known as "Bing Bong-caused heartbreak" into the lives of millions of people. One thing the movie hasn't done, though? Come to streaming. Seriously, when will Inside Out be on Netflix? I know the film just got released a few weeks ago, but already, I'm dying to see it again. And again. And again.

Sadly, I'm probably going to have to keep waiting. Inside Out will likely still be in theaters for several more weeks, considering how well it's doing at the box office, and after that, it'll probably still be another month or two until its DVD release. Netflix typically waits at least a year after a movie comes out on DVD before it starts streaming, which means that Inside Out will probably come to Netflix around... November 2016. And that's if it ever comes; while Disney titles like Mulan and Pocahantas are currently available to stream, no Pixar movies are. Hopefully, that'll change soon, as Netflix and Walt Disney Studios inked a deal last year to bring more of the animation studio's films — including its Pixar releases — to streaming starting in 2015.

So perhaps watching Inside Out, Finding Nemo, and more of Pixar's best movies online will become a reality soon, but until it is, here are eight other great, feminist kids' movies just like Inside Out streaming on Netflix now:

1. Mulan

The 1998 musical is a Disney classic, and a favorite of feminist women everywhere. The movie follows Mulan (Ming-Na Wen), a Chinese girl who disguises herself as male in order to fight in the army. She may not be a princess like the others, but she's totally a hero.

2. Lilo & Stitch

There may have been a bright-blue alien in the movie's title, but the 2002 film was really all about the complicated relationship between sisters Lilo (Daveigh Chase) and Nani (Tia Carrere).

3. Spy Kids

One of the best kids' movies ever (in my opinion, at least), Spy Kids featured a strong, complex, butt-kicking teenage girl in one of its main roles. As a spy. Very, very cool.

4. Pocahontas

Yes, Pocahontas has its issues, but you have to admit, a blockbuster kids' movie based around a Native American female character is remarkable.

5. 101 Dalmatians

Cruella de Vil may not have been the nicest, but she is iconic. 101 Dalmatians is a total win for women.

6. Anastasia

Anastasia certainly had its share of inaccuracies, but it did well in portraying a curious, intelligent young woman who succeeds despite the best efforts of some horrible men to bring her down. Totally feminist.

7. The Prince of Egypt

The 1998 film revolved around a man (the titular prince) but featured women in several important, major roles. Michelle Pfeiffer voiced Tzipporah, Moses' wife, while Sandra Bullock lent her talents to Miriam, Moses' sister, and Helen Mirren played his mother. Could that cast be any better?

8. Ella Enchanted

A cursed but determined Anne Hathaway breaks tradition, falls in love, and saves the day, all while singing and dancing her heart out. A feminist dream of a movie.

It may still be a long time before Inside Out hits Netflix, but these eight movies are perfect to watch until it arrives.

Images: Walt Disney Studios; Giphy (8)