Videos Of Amy Vachal Singing Prove 'The Voice' Would Be Lucky To Crown Her The Winner — VIDEOS

It seems like The Voice has been filled to the brim with talent this season. There are so many people that could easily take the title. For example, the gorgeous and supremely talented Amy Vachal one of those possible Voice winners. Just take a look at some of the videos that showcase Amy Vachal's singing, and you will agree that she has what it takes to win it all.

With her angelic voice and unique energy, Amy is someone we could all get behind. She has the ability to transition between genres with complete ease. Last week, I thought for a minute that we had lost her and I planned on starting a revolution in protest. She completely wowed in the first knockout round, killing it with Etta James' "A Sunday Kind Of Love," but Pharrell unfortunately had to make a difficult choice and decided to keep her competitor, Madi Davis (cue the revolution). Luckily, since everyone knew that Amy was absolutely undeserving of being kicked off, Adam and Blake both pressed their steal buttons. She eventually chose Adam and I am thanking the universe that she did because I am ready to see her take the title.

Take a look at these videos of Amy showcasing her talent. These amazing examples of her vocal abilities would convince anyone to jump on her team.

1. "Broke Into Words" — Original Song

Rockwood Music Hall on YouTube

This video gives me the chills. Seriously. Between her piano skills and the buttery softness of her voice, this completely showcases the complete package of talent that this girl possesses.

2. "Mama Said" — The Shirelles

Amy Vachal on YouTube

This is actually one of my favorite jams, and I didn't realize it until I heard Amy sing it with only her guitar as an accompaniment. True talent is being able to carry a tune like a pro without a ton of background music to guide you.

3. "The Way You Look Tonight" — Frank Sinatra

Amy Vachal on YouTube

Again, a complete classic song that is exceedingly difficult for anyone to tackle. Amy makes it look as if she just breathes out beautiful notes. It seems to come completely naturally to her.

4. "Light" — Original Song

孫介珩 on YouTube

Her original song is so hauntingly beautiful. I feel like I could drift off to sleep listening to her sing this song. This is an example of how controlled she is with her soft delivery.

Amy Vacha certainly has the talent to take The Voice title, but, to be honest, even if she doesn't... she will go far. That voice and that control doesn't come along often and someone will smartly hand her a record contract now that she has received the exposure she so rightfully deserves.

Images: Tyler Golden/NBC