The Cast Of 'Pretty Little Liars' Has Said Some Pretty Adorable Things About Working On The Show

It's no secret that the Pretty Little Liars fandom is ride or die. It's not just the viewers at home who have ridiculous love for the series, though: the cast is equally as passionate about Pretty Little Liars , and have a strong connection to the stories that they tell every week. After six seasons of working together, the cast has seemingly become one of the closest on television — not at all unlike the Liars themselves. That shouldn't be a surprise if you checked out any of the Pretty Little Liars actors' Instagram accounts, where they share plenty of mushy-cute love for their castmates. It's nice to know that behind all of the onscreen mystery and mayhem, these stars are having the time of their lives behind the scenes — it certainly must make scenes that involve being trapped in dirty dollhouses and locked in a box much easier to cope with.

For all of the tabloid rumors of infighting within TV casts, it's nice to see a show that seems so completely opposite of that: these stars only have the warmest things to say about one another and about the show itself. Here are some quotes from the Pretty Little Liars team that will give you all of the happy feels:

Troian Bellisario (Spencer)

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Smartypants Spencer loves preppy collared shirts and oxfords, which aren't exactly Bellisario's thing in real life — but she's not the actor whose style differs the most from her character. Speaking to Seventeen, Bellisario told the magazine which cast member whose style is a complete 180 from her character: "Shay [Mitchell], in terms of being sweet and sensitive – she's like Emily. But Shay comes to set in the morning, it'll be seven in the morning, she'll come in heels, skinny jeans, the most gorgeous, glamorous top and her hair is like a Pantene Pro-V ad. Then she'll come film her scene wearing these dirty converse and jeans as Emily – which is like what I arrived in. And I'm like 'Who are you?' It's so funny to see her kick off her sneakers at the end of the day and go home in heels."

Shay Mitchell (Emily)

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So what's it really like working with a bunch of your pals? According to Mitchell's interview with Celebuzz, the girls are one big family: "Honestly everybody always wants to be like, ‘Oh so is there any craziness? What’s the drama?’ And I’m like, we couldn’t be closer. All of us girls are like sisters, obviously you don’t hang out with your sisters all of the time, but when you see them it’s amazing. So when we go to work it’s always so much fun, we’re completely different from one another. It makes it so much more fun to come to work because have different stories, we did different things on the weekends, and we get to catch up. Especially after not seeing them for three months [when the show was on hiatus] it was nice to be back together again.”

Ashley Benson (Hanna)

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Advice for Pretty Little Liars' guest stars? Keep an eye out for Benson: The actress told Cambio that she's the cast member most likely to prank the newbies: "I'm usually the one pranking people and making them really uncomfortable. If anybody's new to set, I'll pretend that I'm fighting with someone, and yell at them and make them fake cry, and the girls will be like, 'Yeah...she's crazy.' So, I'll give them a hard time for the first hour that they're on set, and then I'm really nice to them. I love to keep it fun and exciting, because being on set for a long time can get really exhausting."

Lucy Hale (Aria)


Loyalty is important to Hale, who told Yahoo! Style that it's the message of the show that really resonates with her: "What I love about all of the girls is that they’re extremely loyal... you look at all that’s happened, and the one thing that’s stayed constant is the girls’ friendship. But they also call each other on their shit. They see the bigger picture and want the best for each other, and I’ve been like that in my real life too.”

Just like Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Aria, these girls have one another's backs.

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