#MakeAHorrorStorySilly Hashtag Reminds Us Halloween Can Be Funny, Too

If you are far more into the treats than the tricks, Goodreads' #MakeAHorrorStorySilly hashtag is the perfect way for you to celebrate Halloween. The reader book review website pulled all us Halloween scaredy cats into the fun by tweeting changed-up horror book titles, like The Silence of the Yams and The Amityville Knitting Party, asking the trusty Twitterverse to add in some of their own silly ideas. And boy did you all deliver.

If you, like Joey from Friends , hide all your scariest books in your freezer or if watching horror movies really means sitting on your couch and hiding your face behind a pillow, these classic horror books-turned-silly are probably more your speed. After all, All Hallows Eve doesn't have to be vampires, ghosts, and ghouls. It also means candy, over-the-top creative costumes, and parties. It has something for even those who squeal at every bump in the night.

So, you all can let your friends and family enjoy reading some of the spookiest books this Halloween; there's no shame in liking things a little tamer. You have a whole excited group of Twitter users who, like you, might be more into The Last House Party on the Left than The Last House on the Left. These are just some of the gems in the #MakeAHorrorStorySilly stream.

Yeah sure, like I can ever sleep again after thinking about a zombie apocalypse. If you'd prefer there's:

Which is really just what happens at my family reunion.

I would have heartburn, too, if I buried a body in my floorboards.

Well I just had a genius idea for a new horror-themed make-up line. Sephora, get at me.

Wait, exercise can be scary when I'm feeling lazy.

If. Only.

On second thought, a used car lot could make for a very scary horror movie book setting.

Scones are officially the least scary food item imaginable.

"Interview with a Campfire" made me spit out my coffee, no joke. Bonus applause for "The Evil Bread." It's probably not even wheat bread; it's full carbo-loading.

He probably even uses a selfie stick.

Pause while I die of laughter.

Possible crafts: Boxes for holding your weighty, foreboding inherited guilt and journals to talk about your fated doom.

The Franks and Beans are actually the doctor, not the monster.

It's crossfit night at the gym.

It's OK to admit that you LOLed. This is a safe space.