An Ode To Taylor Swift's Cats On National Cat Day, Because Really, Aren't They The Best?

If there's one crazy cat lady I would be happy hang out with, it's Taylor Swift. Like, Swift has transformed from country songstress into a a bombtastic pop star with a girl squad of famous friends that defines friendship goals for everyone, and that's great — but really, what I'm jealous of the most is the singer's adorable kitties. October 29 is National Cat Day, so it only seems appropriate to celebrate Swift's two gorgeous cats — even if said creatures make me a little sad that I am helplessly allergic to all animals of the feline variety. Why oh why, is the world so cruel?

First up is Doctor Meredith Grey, a black and grey cat appropriately named for Swift's favorite Grey's Anatomy doctor. (FYI, Ellen Pompeo approves of her clawed counterpart.) The second cat, who is the newer addition to Swift's household, is also named after a fearless female: The badass detective on Law and Order: SVU, Detective Olivia Benson. Fittingly, she's an all-white cat with a look so intense that she may be able to get you to confess all of your crimes without ever bringing out the big claws.

Both cats are quite impressive, and thankfully, Swift likes to share their lives with all of us on Instagram. Here are all of the times when Meredith and Olivia were simply the best, because it wouldn't be National Cat Day without an ode to the furriest friends in Swift's squad:

1. When Olivia Looked Like A Melting Snowman

She is the grumpiest snowman this side of Frosty.

2. When Olivia Blended Into The Pillows

It's a purr-fect likeness.

3. When Meredith Gave Grumpy Cat A Run For Her Money

Getting smushed against Swift's face? Not Meredith's idea of a best day.

4. When Meredith Was So Not Up For Anything

Girl, we've all been there.

5. When Olivia Wanted To Get Eye-Level With Swift

What cat sorcery is this?!?

6. When Olivia Forgot The Memo To Not Stand On The Furniture

It's like she forgot that all cats are expected to do is nap.

7. When This Pic Explained Everything About Meredith

Because sleep time is the best time.

8. When Olivia Was At Peak Relaxation

All of our nap goals, achieved.

9. When Olivia Snuggled A Toddler

Two cute things in one photo. Cannot handle the cuteness.

10. When Meredith Upped Her Selfie Game

So pretty. So close up.

11. When Meredith And Olivia Were Sharing Secrets

Maybe they were planning on throwing Swift a birthday party?

12. When Meredith Hung Out With Ed Sheeran

Just a cat living her best life. No big deal.

13. When Meredith Just Wanted To Chill

Silently begging to stay in bed.

Let's be honest: living with Swift means every day is National Cat Day. We wouldn't have it any other way.