7 Durrani Popal Instagram Posts That Show The 'DASH Dolls' Star Has A Super Glam Life

In case you're not caught up, DASH Dolls is the one of E!'s newest reality shows, and a spinoff from the mega-successful Keeping Up With The Kardashian empire. The show focuses on the retail workers of the Kardashian-owned boutique following their friendships, love life, and (of course) all of the drama working and partying in LA brings. It's the first show not starring an actual member of the Kardashian family — though some of the sisters occasionally pop up to be the boss and drop some reality show wisdom. While most of the women on show were relatively unknown before the show premiered Durrani Popal has emerged as the star of DASH Dolls. The boutique’s merchandising manager has racked up a lot of screen time, and her life lends itself pretty well to reality TV.

First she was getting a barbie-pink Bently from her boyfriend for her birthday, then she was making all of the other Dolls jealous when Kim called her "the perfect DASH Doll." But what does being a perfect Doll mean? I checked out her social media to see what Durrani's Instagram can teach us about living the fabulous life. It turns out she's got plenty of advice for living glamorously in Los Angeles.

Leverage Your Promotion

Already gaining traction on reality TV, Durrani is striking while the iron is hot, doing magazine spreads and other photo shoots. Once she's done she shares the pictures to her 255,000 Instagram followers — which only increases her fandom.

Get An Adorable Sidekick

Her sweet toy poodle Laurent frequently brings the cute to her photos, and even has his own Instagram account. Squad goals, I guess.

Fear No Selfie

I mean, if you're going to be compared to Kim Kardashian, you're going to comfortable taking (and posting) a ton of selfies everywhere you go. The sexier the better.

Healthy Eating

Her profile is filled with sexy bikini photos, as well as healthy meals and smoothies.

Endorse Products Like A Boss

With a solid Instagram following, Durrani already has company sponsors that she works with to promote their products. It's already caused drama on DASH Dolls, but it's helping her to become a fierce business woman.

Self Confidence Is Key

Not that this was ever in doubt. Her Instragm is peppered with inspirational phrases to remind everyone that Durrani's self esteem is just fine.

Stay True To Your Squad

Because what's the point of massive success and reality TV fame if your friends aren't with you?

Images: Screengrab/E!