Bonnie's Magic Gets Intense On 'TVD'

Well, you have to give Alaric credit where credit is due… the guy simply does not give up until he achieves his goals. And this particular goal just happened to involve bringing his dead wife back from the dead courtesy of Bonnie and her witch-tacular powers. That's right, ladies and gentlemen — Jo was brought back to life on The Vampire Diaries thanks to the Phoenix Stone and Bonnie's magical prowess. However, before we all start celebrating Jo's return to TVD we need to consider what kind of ramifications could come from all of this. Because rest assured, a huge magical spell like this is most definitely going to come with a price of some sort.

For starters, what we know about the Phoenix Stone already is pretty terrible. Bonnie's visions of all those people in pain are no mere coincidence. That could be the sort of fate that befalls those who opt to use the stone for their own personal gain. Or they're the souls of the people trapped inside the stone, looking for a way out? Maybe we'll be dealing with some sort of crazy possession type of scenario. But regardless of why those people seem to be in so much pain, the point is that using this stone can only lead to trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for Phoenix Stone. (Sorry, I just experienced my own personal form of possession.) But I digress…

I mean, just because Jo opened her eyes doesn't mean that she's the same person we got to know all throughout last year. In fact, she could end up being the mystery assassin that's chasing everyone around in the three-year flash forwards. (Also, does this help to confirm that she is the mother of Alaric's kids?) This resurrection may have brought her back to the land of the living, but she could end up feeling like an entirely different character, depending upon how much the stone's spell has altered her personality. I hope I'm wrong, though. Alaric's love life has already taken too many hits. The last thing he needs is an evil zombie bride to add to the list.

Image: Eli Joshua Adé/The CW