7 Jeans Every Woman Should Consider

There's a reason The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants circulated around a pair of magic jeans: They're comfortable, versatile, and above all, they're just a classic and necessary staple to any wardrobe. But with so many different kinds, what's a gal to do? Consider adding these seven jean styles to your wardrobe, stat. Whether it's the mom jean, the skinny jean, or the flare, you should definitely have these in your closet.

Let's go through a little history lesson, shall we? Jeans were actually discovered in the 18th century, by accident, no less, according to Racked. Turns out, when the French tried to replicate an Italian fabric called serge, they ended up inventing one of the most ubiquitous fabrics out there: denim. Merde. These guys are good! But, the more familiar story is that an immigrant named Levi Strauss brought this sturdy material to the U.S. in 1853 and the rest was history, as they say.

Perhaps what makes jeans so comfortable is their dependency. Whether you're brunching, shopping, hanging with your family and friends, or on a date, jeans are always acceptable. Even to work, in certain situations and office environments. Everyone has their favorite pair of jeans — the ones you've worn down to (almost) shreds, that fits you just in the right places, molding perfectly to your body.

Cedric Ribeiro/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But within the many fits, silhouettes, and crops, which one reigns supreme? That, there may not be an answer for. Take a look at the seven different styles of jeans that every woman should consider.

1. The Skinny Jean

J Brand Mid-Rise Skinnny Jeans, $70, Saks Fifth Ave

In a dark wash, too? Yep, count me in.

Women's Plus Size Skinny Denim Jeans, $35, Macy's

Skinny jeans, how I love you. The skinny jean is the ultimate pair of pants for shoe lovers —They pretty much always highlight the shoe you're wearing, from pumps at work or for a night out, to strappy heels for a date, to your favorite pair of knee-high boots, these will always, always show off your shoes.

2. The Mom Jean

BDG The Mom Jean, $59, Urban Outfitters

These are my favorite pair of jeans at the moment. If you're into the '70s vintage look, this silhouette is perfect for you. How cute are they with those converses? Plus, they're easily dressed up with a pair of single strap sandals or your favorite booties. The best part? They don't encase you unlike skinny jeans. Here's to being able to breathe!

3. The Raw Hem

Mother Looker Ankle Fray Jeans, $198, Saks Fifth Ave

With those clogs? Mmmhmm!

KUT From The Kloth Reese Released Hem Distressted Stretch Ankle Jeans Plus Size, $89.50, Nordstrom

Ah, the raw hem. Could I praise them even more? The raw hem is the equivalent of a tattered tee — It's cool, its carefree, it's badass. Sometimes, ya gotta get a little messy! Refined isn't always the look we're going for, and these will definitely bring out the too-cool-for-school attitude in you.

4. The Flare

McGuire Denim The Principle Mid Rise Flare Jeans, $256, ShopBop

It seemed like the flare jean trend basically disappeared off the face of the earth, but now they're back, stronger than ever! When styled correctly, the flare jean can look ultra chic, especially paired with a black turtleneck and some gorgeous booties like the ones the model is rocking. Why not join the boho bandwagon with these?

5. The Overalls

Blank Denim Overalls, $108, ShopBop

With a graphic tee like this one, denim overalls are a seriously badass look that I can't get enough of.

Torrid Overall Jean, $78.50, Torrid

The denim overalls aren't just for carpenters anymore. Though we've outgrown our Oshkosh days, we've taken the jumper trend with us to adulthood. There's something so playful about them — But paired with the right top and killer shoes, they're instantly elevated into a whimsical grown up look.

6. The Boyfriend

Rag & Bone The Dre Skinny Boyfriend Jeans, $265, Nordstrom

This wash is gorgeous, and goes with pretty much any color, especially with a crisp white button up.

KUT From The Kloth Catherine Boyfriend Jeans Plus Size, $98, Macy's

Here's the thing about boyfriend jeans: They're the most comfortable things on this planet that aren't sweatpants. Less-tight silhouettes can be equally as sexy, and boyfriend jeans show just that!

7. The High Waist Skinny

Highje High Waisted Jeans, $175, Ted Baker

How classic do these look with these gorgeous pumps?

ASOS Curve Rivington High Waist Denim Jeggings In London Blue, $58, ASOS

The high waisted skinny is so sleek, it hurts. Anytime you want to look polished, throw on a pair of these with a white button up, blazer, and your favorite heels, and you're basically ready to take over any situation. I absolutely love how modern this look can be, whether it's with a pair of classic oxfords or chunky heels.

The next time you're in the market for this American classic, why not try a different silhouette? If you're a serial skinny jean monogamist, maybe pick up the flares, instead. This coming winter season, try something new — You won't regret it!

Image: Unsplash; Courtesy of Brands