Will 'House of DVF' Return For Season 3? The New Brand Ambassador Will Be Busy During The Show's Hiatus

LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 21: Designer Diane von Furstenberg (L) and DVF Brand Ambassador Brittany Hampton attend 'House of DVF' Season Finale with Diane von Furstenberg at The Grove on December 21, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for DVF)
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The second season of House of DVF is about to come to an end, and the DVF team will choose a brand new Global Brand Ambassador to represent the company and replace Brittany Hampton, the Season 1 winner. And, since the Season 2 finale is going to mean no new episodes for a while, when will House of DVF return for Season 3? Living without Diane's words of wisdom is only doable for so long. But, when either Cat, Alli, or Hanna Beth ascends to the place of the new Ambassador, there will be a long wait for new episodes. 

The Season 2 renewal wasn't announced until January 2015, right around the end of the first season, so the news could be coming soon. But, even if the show is renewed, it probably won't come back for a year, since the whole point of the show is to give the winner a chance to be the Diane Von Furstenberg Brand Ambassador for a good amount of time before another big winner is announced. There was about a ten-month break between Seasons 1 and 2, so that would put Season 3 at no earlier than July 2016. But, at least judging from what Brittany Hampton was up to in the past year, the Brand Ambassador will be very busy for that time.

She'll Be Traveling All Over The World

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Sometimes that travel comes with some serious perks, like flying in first class to Dubai.

She'll Sit In The Front Row At DVF Fashion Shows

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DVF is a huge brand, and its fashion shows draw some big crowds. One of the Brand Ambassador's duties is to attend those shows and keep an eye out for any important moments. Fashion shows are loud, crowded, and you have to make sure you don't accidentally step on Anna Wintour's foot  so it's a big deal.

She'll Be Asked To Give Big Interviews

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A two-page spread with photos is a great opportunity to showcase not just the brand, but also plant the seeds for audiences to get to know the person behind the Ambassador. 

She'll Basically Become A Model


There can be no insecurity from a DVF Global Brand Ambassador. You must be trendy and decked out in all manner of DVF clothing at all times. There's no "off" day when promoting the brand. 

She'll Be Hanging Out With Diane 

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I mean, that's the biggest perk of the job. It seems like after spending the year with her; all of the caveats that Diane, Steffani, and Jess had before declaring Brittany the winner totally evaporated. 

And, She'll Be Working On House Of DVF Season 3

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Brittany's Twitter commentary on Season 2 of the show, as well as her appearances on camera, have been highlights on the season, showing just how far some of these girls have to go before they're prepared to take on the challenge of becoming the DVF Global Brand Ambassador. 

The wait for Season 3 of House of DVF will be a very long year, but at least we can follow the Season 2 winner's journey in the meantime!

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