Leeches Or Khakis? It's A Tough Decision

Say life were to ask you to make the following choice: You can stay in a leech-ridden campsite, or you can spend your afternoon in a khaki pant emporium. Which path do you take? Do you play it safe and go browse the racks of neutral-hued slacks? Or do you do as the couple in that Subaru ad does (i.e., set up your campsite and cozy up next to all of the woodland creatures)? Oh wait! I almost forgot about the third option: Do you grab your phone, fire up the ol' Shazam app, and find out the name of the song in the 2016 Subaru Crosstrek commercial? I realize this fork in the road is entirely hypothetical, but I went ahead and acted as though it was real. And I chose...leechroll, please... option number three. After a quick Shazam, I now know the song in the Crosstrek TV spot is “In The Park” by The JuJus, a '60s garage rock band.

"In The Park" can be found on You Treated Me Bad , a compilation of singles by The JuJus released between the years of 1965 to 1967. You can listen to the kickin' (kickin', I say!) tune here:

Bears and skunks and leeches, oh my:

My main takeaway from this commercial: Leech pants > khaki pants.

Image: Subaru/YouTube