Why Halloween Movies Are All About The Witches

Halloween is practically here. When you consider, à la Mean Girls, that Halloween isn't really just Oct. 31, but is actually the entire Halloweekend and maybe the weekend before as well, Halloween is already here. For me, that means putting the finishing touches on my costume while vegetating in front of a nostalgic, on-theme movie like The Craft or Hocus Pocus. I'm all about the witches — last year, it was trying to negotiate the best way to incorporate a cat into my Kiki's Delivery Service costume, and I've gone as "unidentified Ravenclaw student" more times than is really appropriate. But my movie entertainment during this process is just as important as completing my costume, and it can lend inspiration with iconic looks and beloved figures. These seven Halloween movie characters we all love — and may have overlooked — are perfect Halloweekend entertainment.

These are the characters whose style you idolized; whose sass you admired; and whose gumption you coveted. They're excellent role models, and excellent images to add to a mood board. Though you can (and should) remember how awesome they are year-round, Halloween is a particularly excellent time to revisit what sets these ladies apart from the rest of the pack. These are some high-powered Halloween characters, and I don't just mean in terms of sorcery.

1. Sarah Sanderson, Hocus Pocus

Sarah Jessica Parker's platinum hair, medieval corsets, and blood-red lips are obviously the most coveted look of any Hocus Pocus group costume. Though Parker may have never witnessed her role as the witch Sarah Sanderson herself, she's probably the only one. One of the most exciting news tidbits in the past few weeks was the rumor of a Hocus Pocus sequel (second in excitement only to all the Twin Peaks rumors coming in, of course). It's a shame that Parker has confirmed it's not happening, despite tweets from castmates to the contrary. (We can still hold out hope, right?)

2. Wednesday Addams, The Addams Family

Wednesday existed long before Christina Ricci, yet it wasn't till the 1991 film that she became the phenomenon she is today. In Charles Addams' comic strip, Wednesday is a mischievous member of the Addams family. But in the movie, in the hands of Ricci, she's really where the action is. She's a little mad, definitely unhinged, and somehow still adorable.

3. Rochelle, The Craft

Seeking revenge on Laura Lizzie (Christine Taylor), the four young coven members of The Craft cast spells on the high school bully (she's racist, too!) and Sarah Bailey's (Robin Tunney) spurned love interest. Sarah casts a love spell; Nancy, a spell that eventually kills her stepfather; Bonnie, a spell that leads the scars on her back to heal; and Rochelle, a spell that makes the offender Laura's hair fall out. Because where the other girls use their powers for vanity, Rochelle is all about revenge, and I can get behind that.

4. Jiji, Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's animal familiar, who rides on the back of her broomstick while she makes deliveries, is the perfect pet. He's with her every step of the way as she ventures to become a fully fledged witch (except for his own romantic exploits with a white cat named Lily).

5. Professor Quirrell, Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone

"TROOOOOOOOLL IN THE DUNGEON. Though you oughtta know."

Well, it's not a Halloween movie, but of course Harry Potter boasts one of the greatest Halloween scenes of all time. You might not love him, but Professor Quirrell is basically a Halloween costume for Lord Voldemort. Even the Dark Lord has to go trick-or-treating.

6. The Grand High Witch, The Witches

So evil, and yet with such amazing makeup skills. Not until Viola Davis' How To Get Away With Murder character has her contouring prowess been topped. Anjelica Huston shows that she makes a fine, fine witch just one year before Morticia Addams made her big-screen debut.

7. Emily, Corpse Bride

Though Victor must remain in the land of the living, there was a not-very-small part of me that hoped he'd end up with the titular Corpse Bride Emily, even after he lies to her and betrays her. Of course he's going to marry Victoria, the woman who shares his name (and is still alive). Emily generously sets him free of his obligations to her, permitting him to marry his betrothed Victoria. And then she transforms into a column of butterflies and floats off into the moonlight.

Animal familiars, zombies, witches, and wizards — there's a place for everyone on Halloween. These ladies, gents, and pets give us inspiration on the spookiest night of the year, and they're worth revisiting each and every time.

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