There's Even More 'Walking Dead' On The Way

by Amy Mackelden

Just in time for Halloween, it was confirmed Friday that zombie-fest The Walking Dead has been renewed for Season 7. Currently in its sixth season, The Walking Dead continues to captivate a large worldwide audience, and is known for its shocking deaths — most recently, *spoiler alert*, and about a hundred other faceless people who died after being eaten by "walkers," or other human beings who were super mean.

The renewal of The Walking Dead, and its partner show Talking Dead, was announced by AMC president Charlie Collier who said, "We are so proud to share these shows with fans who have been so passionate, communicative and engaged." Word of mouth and fevered social media discussion both fuel the viewing figures for The Walking Dead, which shows no signs of stopping.

In an interview with The Telegraph in October 2015, Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, one of the surviving original cast members said, “We have the same reaction as the audience does when someone dies. We feel robbed.” Renowned for its gruesome deaths, and ability to shock its audience with totally unprecedented and unexpected storylines, The Walking Dead goes from strength to strength, exploring what the zombie apocalypse might be like in excruciating detail. You've got to hand it to The Walking Dead make-up team for making those zombies so... disgusting, right?

Having recently launched a spin-off called Fear The Walking Dead , and with a string of successful video games based on the show and the graphic novels which preceded it, The Walking Dead seems intent on world domination, and news of its renewal is a step in that direction.

Image: AMC