Layering Hacks To Keep Warm This Season

Break out the maple lattes and cozy knits everyone — autumn is here, and there's no turning back. Fortunately for me, being born and bred in sun-drenched Southern California meant I was never truly exposed to the fall season — that is, until I landed in NYC and discovered the horror story that is cold weather (and a naive girl's inability to deal with the chills). Sweater dresses get the job done without sacrificing style, but the real trouble kicks in when the degrees start dropping. There's no shortage of fall style guides, but even then, newbies like me need a 411 on how to keep toasty this season. Pronto.

The number one lesson I've learned from braving face-numbing weather? Layering — a trick so elementary, yet so effective. Coming from sixty-degree winters, the concept of layering was completely foreign territory for me; however, nowadays I've found my calling in doubling up and letting the sweaters do the talking. And the best part: playing the layering game means you'll discover new ways to mix and match your wardrobe — so rest assured, your bank account will remain untouched (which means more funds for those necessary cappuccino fixes).

Before you step out the door and into the brisk climate, study up on these seven hacks to staying warm this fall. And remember: the more, the better.

1. Say Yes To Scarves

Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This hack is pretty much a given in the fashion bible — scarves are your must-haves when it comes to layering. Stick to thicker, cashmere scarves for the arctic mornings or a lightweight alternative when the sun returns. Lost on how to tie your scarves? I've got you covered with six different ways to transform your old scarves into new masterpieces.

2. Playing With Textures

In this video, Amy Pham educates us on three different ways to do mixology in the wardrobe world. From plaid to fur and knits, no texture is left behind when it comes to piling all the elements together.

3. Fur-iosa

Meet my ultimate cold weather weapon: faux fur. It's best you save the fur jackets for winter, but in the mean time, autumn is the right moment to give that fur vest a spin. Layer over a leather jacket and sweater and prepare to be enlightened.

Pull&Bear Fur Gilet, $71.64,

4. Turtleneck Situation

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Are those slouchy knits not cutting it this season? Then turtlenecks are your ultimate remedy — they double as both scarves and sweaters, giving you the best of both worlds.

5. Beanie Babe

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Don't forget to keep those ears warm too! Beanies add a edgy, street style vibe to any ensemble and come in an array of colors, quotes, and prints — go bold or understated. The choice is all yours.

6. Double The Leather

Everyone has their trusty leather jacket, but the secret is in combining all of your leathery goods into one. For maximum layering purposes, opt for a leather vest underneath a moto jacket. How's that for a chic shield?

ASOS Textured Biker Jacket, $98.53,

7. Length Matters

Tragically, we must bid farewell to sandals and open-toed goodness in fall, but that's perfectly fine — boots are back in business, and they are just as stylish. Case in point: over-the-knee boots. They cover a bit of leg and can instantly elevate sweater dresses to the next level.

Dune Trish Black Suede Over The Knee Boots, $268,

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