Ariana Grande's Costume Is Utterly Adorable

When you wear cat ears pretty much 24/7, you’ve got to switch things up a little for Oct. 31st, am I right? Ariana Grande wore a cow costume, getting into the Halloween spirit a little early. And let me just go ahead and put this out there — she is probably the only person who could look this adorable in a cow motif. Grande’s a huge animal lover and is admittedly obsessed with Halloween, so the fact that she’s already got her costume game going strong and that she chose to come as an animal is no surprise.

Wearing horns on a headband and a cow print top and leggings, she was utterly adorable (ha ha, get it?). And while she did make one cute cow, this getup isn’t that different from her daily wear, because, as I mentioned, the girl will rock cat or bunny ears on the regular. Major props to Grande for having her costume so perfectly fit in with the rest of her wardrobe. This is definitely a Halloween look that she’ll be able to wear again, you know what I mean?

Check out how she’s ringing in her favorite time of the year along with seven other times she’s totally pulled off some animal-inspired outfits.

She's too stinkin' cute.

1. Leopard Lady

Leopard print ears? She pulls them off.

2. Catwoman

She's the only one who can get away with this. Any. Time. Of. The. Year.

3. Kitty Power

She's got a group of fans who totally support the whole cat ear thing.

4. Mouse Buns

Does anyone else think she looks like a little mouse with those buns?

5. Bunny Babe

She looks seriously amazing in bunny ears.

6. Onesie Chic

I'm not exactly sure if she's a mouse? Or a bear? But, one thing's for sure — her onesie game is strong.

7. Santa's Reindeer

She's the best reindeer you ever did see. Because dressing up as an animal is an any-holiday kind of thing.

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