Buying Yeezy Boosts Will Give You All The Feels

Leave it to Kanye West to create the most coveted shoe of the year. There's no doubt that we're all anxiously waiting for the new Yeezy Boost 350s to arrive on Nov. 5, but the reality is that not everyone will get their hands on a pair of these kicks. If you remember, the first edition of the limited edition Yeezy Boosts sold out in 12 minutes earlier this year while the Yeezy Season 1 collection is selling fast. The upcoming launch date, plus the fact that everyone is already in full-on holiday shopping mode, won't make it any easier.

You don't have to be a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family to own Yeezy Boosts either. Much like so much in life, preparation is key. Know where to buy Yeezy Boosts and map out a plan of how you're going to get your hands on a pair of these beauties.

Seriously, though. West's collaboration with Adidas is on everyone's mind. The upcoming release date of the rumored tan colorway just might drive the most rational person to insanity (I hope not). But instead of internalizing these feelings of excitement, anxiety, disappointment, or anger, when it comes to buying a pair of Yeezy Boosts, it's best to come face-to-face with your emotions and convince yourself that you're as deserving of these luxury sneakers as the next person.

Here are the 12 emotional stages one might experience when trying to buy Yeezy Boosts, because these are not your average shoes.

1. Having high hopes that a pair of Yeezy Boosts will soon be yours.

Because the world is a wonderful place and these shoes are magic.

2. Reassuring your doubtful friends that YES, you will score a pair come hell or high water.

While also asking them if they'll stand in line with you during release day.

3. "I got this."

You tell yourself that this is going to be fun regardless of the outcome.

4. But there are doubts.

Everyone wants to get their hands on these. Everyone.

5. Your mind starts playing tricks on you.

"I will get Yeezys, right?"

6. You turn to an old friend for some reassurance. Or a hug.

Your year-old copy of Taylor Swift's 1989 plays on loop because it also knows what you're going through.

7. "It will sell out. It will sell out. It. Will. Sell. Out."


8. You pull yourself together because you have a plan.

This can't be that hard.

9. "I. GOT. THIS."

Yeezus is on your side.

10. You realize how much a pair costs and suddenly come face to face with an existential crisis.

To Yeezy or not to Yeezy?

11. But giving up is not an option.


12. You convince yourself that now is the time. You and the Yeezy Boosts are meant to be.

Nov. 5 can't come soon enough.

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