Travi$ Scott & Kanye West's "Piss On Your Grave" Video Is Minimalist, But Says So Much — VIDEO

It's been more than a year since we first heard about Kanye West's "Piss on Your Grave." At the time, rumor had it that the rapper was collaborating with Paul McCartney on the track. While the duo later released "Only One" and appeared on Rihanna's "FourFiveSeconds," "Piss on Your Grave" appears on Scott's new album, Rodeo, and you can watch the video right here.

The high-energy track is fueled by aggressive verses that appear to attack the executives of corporate America. West kicks things off by rapping, "I use your face as a urinal / Then do the same at your funeral / Piss on your grave, piss on your grave, piss on your grave / Piss on your grave, piss on your grave, piss on your grave." It's a strong statement, made only strong by the intensity in which he speaks. Scott's vocals are equally powerful, as he mentions, "This the moment I’ve been waiting for."

Of course, West is known for his innovation and artistry. While he's sometimes gone a flashier route, "Piss on Your Grave" is understated and minimalist, which actually serves well. The focus is on the artists, whose pronounced lyrics are extremely evocative. The only special effect appears to be the skeletons which slowly flood a massive grave in the wooded area where Scott and West stand. It's pretty literal — and a major statement.

Given the intensity of the song, it's easy to imagine how the visual could go an extreme route. However, this restraint shows Scott and West's mastery. They know how to make their point and how to do so in a memorable fashion. As the internet (and Rodeo' s Wikipedia page) note, McCartney is absent from the track, both vocally and on the production side. While it would have been cool to see his contribution, Scott and West are more than amazing as collaborators. You can check out the minimalist, yet high-impact video, above.

Image: Epic Records