Your Cat Might Want To Kill You, Science Says

It's Halloween which means black cat decorations are everywhere, but it turns out black cats — and any other variety of feline — might be scarier than you think. According to new research, your cat might secretly want to kill you. The good news is they aren't probably going to try — but only because you're too big for them to think they can. At heart, it seems, house cats are really the same as lions, just smaller. Remind me again why we let these creatures in our house?

In a new study from the University of Edinburgh, researchers decided to compare the personality traits of house cats and African lions (and teamed up with the Bronx zoo to observe some of these larger felines). Researchers rated the various feline subjects based on five personality traits: Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion/Introversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. And after studying both species, the researchers came to the conclusion that both lions and house cats have the same basic personality structure. Both are neurotic, impulsive, and seek to dominate — but on the bright side, they are both also playful, inquisitive, and clever.

Of course, the researchers also note that this basically means house cats are just miniature lions — meaning, I guess, that the only reason they aren't trying to hunt you like prey is probably because you're too big.

As psychologist psychologist Dr. Max Wachtel told 9News, "It is good to understand the personality characteristics of our pets. Different cats have different personalities. But as a species, there are a lot of commonalities. ... They're cute and furry and cuddly, but we need to remember when we have cats as pets, we are inviting little predators into our house. ... For a lot of people, it is worth it. Cats can be fantastic, sweet companions. Until they turn on you."

Well that doesn't sound at all good.

In truth, though, it's not hard to realize that all cats, no matter how big or small, are all basically the same at heart. All you really have to do is look at them play with boxes.


Yep, they are all basically the same species. I am convinced.

So if you catch your cat looking at you like it's considering how you might taste, just be grateful that you're too big for it to seriously consider killing you. Probably.

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