'Bachelor' Contestant Says She was Set Up

Monday night, The Bachelor premiered. It's Tuesday, so it's about time we had some trash-talk from an eliminated contestant. Enter: Kylie Lewis. Lewis didn't make it past the first night of The Bachelor, and she told TMZ she knows the reason why. According to Lewis, IT'S A TRAP. Er, she was set up.

Kylie Lewis was the contestant who stepped forward when Juan Pablo said "Kat" during the Rose Ceremony. Oof. As if the situation wasn't already horribly uncomfortable, Juan Pablo grimaced at Lewis like a maniac because he did not call her name and was not going to call her name. She was very embarrassed. Well, according to TMZ, Lewis is NOT happy that aired AND she believes she was brought on the show only to bomb.

Lewis told TMZ that The Bachelor producers told her to "act like a dumb bimbo," dye her hair red, wear a pink dress (instead of purple), and tweet at Juan Pablo right after they met. She believes that these instructions resulted in her elimination. Whether or not this is true is yet to be confirmed, but stranger things have happened than "producers playing reality show puppet master."

Also, the producers allegedly told her to "act like a dumb bimbo" and she didn't think twice? She didn't see right through that? Oh man. I feel kind of bad for her. I guess everyone can't be a Bachelor insta-pro like Sharleen Joynt.

Image: ABC/Rick Rowell