Drake Did Halloween... Sort Of

by Tobi Gbile

Celebrity-inspired costumes are the best type of costumes, whether you're 2000s Britney or Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj from "Feeling Myself." Who better to inspire your Halloween costume this year than Drake? The rap superstar has topped the charts and our fall playlists with "Hotline Bling" and "Jumpman," and seems to be the only rapper anyone talks about these days. Due to this fact, it comes as no surprise that everyone wants to know how Drake did Halloween, but the answer is, well, not exactly what you'd expect.

While others might have enjoyed dressing up as the Canadian star, "The Motto" rapper appeared to have pulled a Kim Kardashian West, taking the easy way out with his Halloween costume by dressing as himself (aka, barely dressing up at all). Many of his other musical counterparts took joy in becoming characters this Halloween — Nicki Minaj dressed as a fairy and Justin Bieber took on one of the many of Will Ferrell's characters, Jackie Moon, for instance — Drake was noticeably absent when it came to getting in costume for the exciting holiday. Instead of joining the rest of his fellow celebs who were out on the scene, celebrating all things trick or treat, Drake was in the studio, presumably working on more hits for fans to have on repeat in the near future.

Even though the rapper may have been too busy to dress up himself, other people were happy to take over the duty for him. Thankfully, other people, like this fierce woman that Empire's Serayah is pictured with below on the star's Instagram, took it upon themselves to rep the "Hotline Bling" rapper for us all.

This is pretty freaking awesome. When I first saw the picture, I had to do a double check. While the drawn-on hair with white lining might have been a dead give-away, the other parts of this costume are pretty spot on too, all down to the RBF that Drake has mastered all too well. This woman isn't the only one who got Drake down pat; some other fans followed suit on Instagram, putting forth their best Drake costumes for the holiday. Here's a round-up of some of the best ones.

That Puffer Coat Tho

You used to, you used to.

Don't Forget About That Tennis Swing

You can't be "Hotline Bling" if you can't dance "Hotline Bling."

Drake Point On Point

This guy clearly practiced, and as shown, practice makes perfect.

Call Me, Beep Me

From the hairline to the boots, this dude went from 0 to 100 real quick.

Thank you to all of the people who contributed to my enjoyment by participating in Drake-themed Halloween costumes. Since the rapper was unable to participate in the festivities this year, it's good to know that his legacy lives on regardless. Hopefully, his time in the studio will produce a new track that fans will be able to draw inspiration from when it comes time for next fall's celebrations.