Laverne Shone At 'The Rocky Horror' Celebration

On Oct. 31, Laverne Cox looked stunning in a cleavage-highlighting minidress. She attended the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval, which featured a celebration of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the beloved film's 40th anniversary. Cox mingled among a sea of Frank-N-Furters and other hardcore Rocky aficionados, soaking in all the love of a fanbase that she is now especially appreciated by.

Earlier in October, it was announced that Cox would be assuming the role of Frank-N-Furter in FOX's remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Unlike the original Frank-N-Furter (played by cisgender British actor Tim Curry), it will be incredibly refreshing to have a trans woman assume the role of the beloved "sweet transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania." Based on the photos she shared on Instagram from Halloween, she already has a gaggle of Rocky Horror fans who adore her IRL as well as all over the Internet.

Cox wore a beautifully figure-hugging strapless black dress by New York design house Manfredonia, a label that has also dressed Queen Bey herself (as you can see on its site). Cox looked like a flawless bombshell in this outfit, and I'd even argue that she's channeling Beyoncé herself (at least a little bit).

The dress's center accent, which looks a lot like snakeskin, moves up the middle of the piece until it divides into a V-shaped gap at her chest. Cox does not shy away from the boob, and has worn many similarly unapologetic gowns in the past, like at the Billboard Awards in May 2015.

The results are stunning, not only because Cox herself is beautiful, but because she drives home a message of self love with this gorgeous body-hugging garment, further proving herself to be a body positive warrior. She finished the look with her signature smoky eye, a berry lip, and some beautifully simple silver bangles and rings, courtesy of Avitan.

In one IG post, Cox also noted, "This Halloween I decided to go as myself." Not only is this clearly body positive in the, "Yes, I'm fabulous just the way I am," sense, but it's also a message of self love to young trans women specifically. Some of whom may only feel comfortable showing off their femininity on nights like Halloween.