Katy Perry Drops The Mic On Halloween With This Perfect Costume — PHOTOS

Sorry, everybody! Katy Perry stole the show on Halloween and put everyone else's costumes to shame. Just when you thought last year's Cheetos outfit couldn't be topped, the "Dark Horse" singer outdid herself once again. On Saturday, Katy Perry dressed up as a mic drop. As in, she literally wore a microphone costume and then dropped to the floor. Pretty flawless, if you ask me. Her costume is a mic drop, in and of itself. She's basically saying, "Yup, I know. My costume is the best. Everyone else can go home now."

Considering she's someone who once wore whipped cream canisters as a bra, it's not surprising that Perry is super into dressing up. But it's still impressive that she really went all out with her microphone costume — painting her face silver and wearing a full body suit. The icing on the cake was the Instagram video Perry posted to go along with it. As "Drop It Like It's Hot" plays in the background, she falls to her side in slow motion. Of course she had to act out her costume to the fullest, right?

Since this is easily one of the best celebrity costumes of Halloween 2015, let's round up all of Perry's other great costumes too. She never disappoints!

Mic Drop

If there's a better microphone outfit than this, I haven't seen it. It's truly perfect.

The slow-motion video really completes the look.


In 2014, Perry's flaming hot Cheetos costume was glorious. And using a Cheetos bag as a purse? Brilliant.

This video is equally wonderful.

Jane From Daria

Back in 2013, Perry and her pal Shannon Woodward dressed up as cartoon BFFs Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane.

Britney & JT

This one wasn't from Halloween, but when Katy Perry and Riff Raff dressed as Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake circa their denim-on-denim days at the VMAs, it was absolutely amazing.

Gingerbread Woman

Again, not from Halloween, but who says it has to be a holiday to dress up? Perry's gingerbread onesie makes me immediately want to buy one too.

See what I mean? Katy Perry truly is a costume queen.