Who Is James Kennedy Dating Now? The 'Vanderpump Rules' Server/DJ Is A SUR Romeo

James Kennedy came into Vanderpump Rules in the show’s third season, and boy, oh, boy did he get thrown into a whole lot of SUR/Pump/Villa Blanca drama, mostly because of then-girlfriend Kristen Doute. But who is James Kennedy dating now? The show’s fourth season is about to start, and now that he’s a main cast member (this is a promotion from Season 3), James is sure to step in plenty of steaming piles of dating doodoo on his own. Are he and Kristen still shacking up or has he moved his British butt on?

Before we get to that answer, let’s recap James’ Vanderpump Rules journey from Season 3. James came on the scene as a part-time server, part-time DJ at SUR (even though he was fired and then rehired), and he started dating long-term SUR employee Kristen Doute after her breakup with Tom “I’m the one that shaves my forehead” Sandoval. Kristen and James seemed cute enough at the time, but there was one major problem — Kristen was a million times not over Tom. You see, Kristen was convinced that Tom had cheated on Kristen with his now-girlfriend Ariana (stay with me here), so Kristen would basically do everything she could to accuse Tom of philandering while simultaneously proclaiming that she was over it and that she loved James. As I’m sure anyone who has ever dated can tell you, it does not seem like Kristen was “over it,” and James said as such. At the end of Season 3, though, the duo was still pretty much together.

With Season 4 so soon upon us, let’s check back in on Kristen and James. According to ET Online, James and Kristen broke up sometime in the summer of 2015, and both James and Kristen are seeing other people. Kristen seems to have settled down with a guy named Brian Carter, but according to James’ social media and various Internet reports, James’ romantic connections aren’t so easy to pin down. ET Online reported that James was seeing a new girl with a Southern accent, and she appears a few times in James’ social media channels. Her name is Katherine “Blake” Fresina, and she’s from Louisiana. They do make a pretty cute couple, don’t they?

Blake and James have some pics together on social media (which is the ultimate marker of a relationship, especially if you’re a reality television star), but the Vanderpump Rules Season 4 trailer shows James courting a girl who is not Blake. Let’s have a look.

In the clip, it seems like James is romancing the new girl at SUR. Her name is Lala and she seems like the Stassi replacement for the group. She’s brash, she’s unapologetic, and it sure looks like she’s sucking face with James. These two were even together as recently as a Halloween party this year, and they look pretty cozy.

Of course, Lala and James could be a casual fling, but seeing as the people on Vanderpump Rules tend to actually date each other, I’m not so sure. Either way, we’ll just have to wait until Season 4 starts to see just what lady has captured James’ heart.

Images: Nicole Weingart/Bravo; Giphy