Are Kristen & James Still Dating?

Even as mortal enemies, Tom Sandoval and James Kennedy have one thing in common: they're both tragically exhausted by Kristen's desperate attempts to get Tom back on this season of Vanderpump Rules. It's pretty much become the most tiresome drama that has ever befallen the Sexy Unique Restaurant. James' Beamer selfies and utterly comical cheekbones aside, it's hard not to feel bad for him. Even his own girlfriend appears not to like him that much, which he seems to be painfully aware of. This leads me to wonder: are Kristen and James from Vanderpump Rules still together?

To be completely honest, I'm not sure how much longer Kristen can keep up the charade of pretending to like James in the romantic sense. It seems like they make fine friends (after all, he's basically her only one) but her obsession with breaking Tom and Ariana up is BEYOND transparent: she's clearly still sweating that ex-boyfriend D. Also, I can't imagine that James enjoys listening to his girlfriend harp in an endless, mind-numbing loop about Tariana. I mean, one can only sustain feigned interest for so long about this kind of stuff before they reach their breaking point and dump the person.

BUT, in a surprising upset, it looks like James and Kristen are still together. YEP! There's the shocker of the century. As late as this weekend, Kristen wished her bae a happy 23rd birthday with this photo booth picture of them mackin' it hard.

At James' name day party, Kristen played first lady to the DJ/ birthday boy....

Which made him feel extremely special, as we can tell by this atomic love bomb of a tweet.

They also spent New Years Eve looking extremely coupley with each other.

It would appear that Jax's ex-girlfriend Carmen regularly plays third wheel on their dates. Jax, apparently, is never invited, which is clearly for the best.

Looks like these two are still on like Donkey Kong.

Image: Jeff Daly/NBC