Who Is Feather McCarthy On 'Scream Queens'? Tavi Gevinson's Character May Regret Returning To Wallace

The Red Devil is offing characters faster than I can keep track of — but, in the Nov. 3 episode "Beware of Young Girls," a new cast member will show up at Wallace University to fill the void left by our fallen Kappa Sisters and Dickie Dollar Scholars. Tavi Gevinson will guest star on Scream Queens as Feather McCarthy, and it's safe to assume that Dean Munsch will be less than pleased to see this former Kappa Sister back on campus. Why, you ask? Well, you may recall that in the series premiere Munsch referred to a "perky 19-year-old" who stole her husband. As it turns out, that perky student and Feather are one and the same.

Gevinson is a welcome addition to the cast and I'm sure her character will bring the drama — but we can immediately cross her off the suspect list. Showrunner Ryan Murphy tweeted after the show's premiere that we'd already met the Red Devil. But, from the looks of it, that won't stop Munsch from attempting to frame Feather for the murders. (After all, these poor Wallace University students aren't privy to Murphy's Twitter feed.)

Here's a sneak peak at what we can expect when Feather arrives on campus. (Spoiler alert — it probably won't end well.)

These two unlikely romantic rivals don't have anything nice to say about each other — specifically, each thinks that the other is "nutty." And, since Feather is a former Kappa, that could explain Munsch's intense hatred for the sorority. The episode will feature flashbacks depicting Dean Munsch and Feather's initial rapport, as well as the moment Munsch's husband informed her that he was leaving her for Feather — so viewers will probably gain some insight into what the Dean used to be like.

With Diego and Grace zeroing in on Munsch as a suspect, it looks like Feather will provide them with a whole lot of info about the mysterious Dean. And, since she's a former member of Kappa, perhaps she'll provide some dirt on the sorority's sordid history. However, these two amateur sleuths should probably take everything Feather says with a grain of salt — because, really, you can't trust anyone from Kappa. And, once Feather arrives, it appears that Munsch has one heck of a bad week:

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Based on the episode's trailer, it seems that the Dean will find herself under arrest and attacked in the shower à la Psycho — and I have a sneaking suspicion that Feather is involved in Munsch's arrest. Still, this perky 19-year-old should definitely watch her own back. There are multiple Red Devils and accomplices roaming the campus, and I wouldn't be surprised if Feather gets targeted. According to IMDb, her character is only slated to appear in "Beware of Young Girls" — which means, by the end of the night she'll have either been axed by the Red Devil or hightailed it out of Wallace University. For Feather's sake, I really hope it's the latter.

Image: Patti Perret/FOX