Creeper Shoes Rihanna Would Approve Of

On the list of badass women and personal idols, I would say that Rihanna falls in my top five. But aside from being my creative hero, Rihanna is also my style inspiration. This was only heightened further when she came out with her PUMA collection, releasing a line of creeper shoes that still managed to look classy and avoiding the over-the-top look that creepers tend to err towards.

Unless you live under a rock, you've likely seen many of Rihanna's crazy, OTT, but really "just right" looks, like her jaw-dropping canary yellow ensemble, headpiece, and fur stole at the 2015 Met Gala. Let's not forget her many looks from the "BBHMM" music video, from the pinstripe jacket and beret combo to the fuzzy, white, long-sleeved top on the yacht to the iconic see-through rubber dress she wore before killing her accountant, giving a nod to her "S&M" days. Let's just say this: She's not afraid to go all-in.

So when word got out about Rihanna's PUMA shoes, it only made sense to me that they were creepers. And man, they were cool. Creepers have been on the fashion radar for quite some time now, but they seem to be the perfect shoe for fashion lovers for the upcoming winter season. Rather than wearing heels to add a bit of height, why not add a platform? Plus, with a good grip, you can say goodbye to slipping on ice.

Below, find seven pairs of creepers for the upcoming snowy months that Rihanna would definitely approve of.

1. The PUMA Creeper, Duh

PUMA Suede Creeper, 119.99,

I love how classic these creepers still look. Rihanna, you killed it with this one.

2. The Loafer

Vince Ames Leather Slip-On Creeper, $395,

Did you say slip on? Yep, you got me.

3. Disco, Baby

Opening Ceremony Metallic Derby Creepers, $300,

The winter months will certainly be less drab with these metallic stunners.

4. Animal Print Galore

Park Lane Monk Strap Leather Creepers, $140,

Monk strap, creeper, and animal print all in one make me a happy girl.

5. Zipper Creeper Boots

Sixtyseven Tabitha Front Zip Boot, $88,

I love everything about this boot: The pointed toe and shiny finish keep the shoe looking insanely sleek, while still maintaining an edge.

6. This Colorful Option

Underground Barfly Deep Red Suede Creeper Shoes, $207,

I'm never opposed to a pop of color, and this deep red hue is both fun and chic.

7. Classic Black & White

Michel Batic Laced Shoes, $246,

I never say no to an Oxford, and with a color palette as simple as this one, it's a guaranteed match with every outfit.

Alright RiRi, we're ready for you. We'll be wearing these creepers all winter long.

Images: Courtesy Brands