Taylor & Shalom Become Friends On 'DASH Dolls' & It’s Adorable

In the third-to-last episode of the untouchable scripted series Mad Men, Peggy Olson and Roger Sterling day drink and lament the end of the SC&P era. The Peggy and Roger hangout session was without a doubt one of the highlights of the series’ final season; Watching the two not-close characters bond was an unexpected, albeit wonderful gift. What does this have to do with DASH Dolls? Allow me to explain: If there was ever a reality television equivalent to the Peggy and Roger roller-skating organ scene, it might be Sunday night’s episode of DASH Dolls. For on the latest ep of the E! unscripted series, a beautiful friendship between Taylor and Shalom blossoms, and it’s an unexpected, albeit wonderful gift.

At the beginning of the episode, Taylor, Durrani, and Shalom hang out at the Dash Dollhouse. There's a conundrum: Taylor wants to go out, but Durrani wants to spend the evening at home. Durrani offers up a solution: Taylor hit the town with Shalom. Taylor is down. Shalom is down. Shalom and Taylor promptly head to a billiards club. The not-close duo bond over a game of tabletop shuffleboard. Taylor, Shalom, and I have a blast.

Can I be frank? Like, if I drop a truth nugget right now, is that cool? That seconds-long tabletop shuffleboard scene was 45 minutes too short. I could not get enough of Taylor and Shalom high-fiving and trash talking each other’s shuffleboard skills. I was so sad when the episode moved on. What can I say? I love friendship.

BUT THEN! When the Dash Dolls and Dash Dudes go camping, there is a beer pong game. And who teams up? New BFFs Taylor and Shalom, of course. Can I be frank again? The beer pong game scene was 45 minutes too short. What can I say? I love friendship.

Is it cool if I'm frank one more time? I was very nervous that Durrani's wariness of the (very platonic) friendship blooming between her friend and her boyfriend would be the end of the new pal flower.

But it was not the end of the new pal flower: Durrani and Taylor talk it out; Durrani and Taylor hug it out; every platonic relationship remains intact; every romantic relationship remains intact; Shalom asks if he could have a "triple hug" and Durrani replies, "Never in your freaking life"; and I grin a giant grin. What can I say? I love friendship.

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