Kylie Jenner Is Still Wearing Yeezy's First Season

It's more than fine to hit the repeat button when you find your style stride and come across a look or pieces you are comfortable with. It's not about laziness; it's about understanding what you like. Kylie Jenner posed in Yeezy Season 1 for some no makeup selfies and mirror shots... again! Clearly, the reality star is all about athleisure right now, showing off her abs in crop tops, getting comfy in cargo pants, and doing so sans makeup!

Her Sunday ensembles had a subtle military aesthetic, like her recent airport outfits, and she wore one of them while hanging out with reported boyfriend Tyga. It appears as though Jenner can be herself and chill out in cozy but cute clothes while around him.

The youngest Jenner sister reminds us of two things with her Sunday, post-Halloween selfies. First, while her famous lips were the talk of 2015, she is a natural beauty when bare faced or otherwise.

Second, the teen reality star reminds us that her family is all about serious support for all of its members, since she has worn her brother-in-law Kanye West's designs several times in the past few weeks.

Overall, though, the casual, urban street chic, and makeup-free Jenner is becoming more familiar, and I think it works for her incredibly well.

The mirror selfie is so her thing. An untrained eye might thing she raided a military surplus store and added cool accessories and details like sneakers, a bandeau, and aviators. But she was all about that high style. The good thing for her fans is that they can copy her look off brand.

Jenner ripped a page right out of Rihanna's fashion rulebook, thanks to the loose, baggy jacket. Wearing a ballerina-like topknot added a dose of femininity and allowed us to focus on her fresh-scrubbed, makeup-less visage.

Another crop top paired with clingy leggings and white boots for this shot. She is all about that Yeezy Season 1. It's as though he designed the pieces with her in mind, since they fit her so well.

If you wanna copy Jenner's look, you can get leggings or capri cargos and crop tops at any basics store in the mall. Build the rest of your outfit around a baggy, military style utility jacket that also mimics an oversized shirt yanked out of your boyfriend's closet.

This loose-fit, hooded utility jacket is a perfect cornerstone for an athleisure outfit similar to the ones Kylie Jenner has been rocking. Start here and craft the rest of your outfit around it. ($50,

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Add more flair with unique accessories and you're good-to-go glamsual like Miss Jenner.

Images: Courtesy Brands