Here's Kylie Jenner With No Makeup

Here's something you don't see very often. Kylie Jenner posted a no makeup selfie and it reminded us that she is quite a natural beauty. Yes, Jenner is only 18, with young, healthy skin, and she has a glam squad within reach at all times. But for much of 2015, a majority of the chatter surrounding the newly-minted most popular Kardashian family member has been about her pouty lips. She admitted that she had them enhanced with injectable lip fillers, so they were anything but au naturel. Here, we see Jenner as she is.


The no makeup selfie is rare for this reality starlet. She posts them here and there, but not with any sort of frequency.

Jenner's prior fresh-scrubbed selfie was black and white, so you couldn't fully appreciate her "as is."

This makeup-free Insta pic is so standout because Jenner slicked her hair back off her face, showing off her arched brows and the rest of her unassisted-by-product features. Her lips appear to be an average size here; no excess puffiness or exaggeration via nude, matte liner and lipstick.

Jenner looked like a normal, healthy, and average teenager, save for those taupe-painted, dagger-length nails of hers. Hey, you can't expect a glam girl to ditch all of her signatures at once, can you?

Another of Jenner's hallmarks remains in tact here — her mirror selfie pose. She will never ditch that signature. Since Jenner is always glammed up and out, this bare-faced, natural glow selfie is such a refreshing change. She should swap out her usual nude-lipped pucker in favor of softer, dusty pink shades that mimic her natural lip hue.

BTW, we're still waiting for more intel about her Kylie Lip Kits. Anxiety is starting to set in. I want to see and play with them... NOW.

The teen also posted a minimal makeup selfie while wearing her controversial waist trainer a few days ago. Her lips seemed super plump, matte, and pink-tinted in this pic, but she wasn't heavy on the product here, either. Again with the mirror selfie, though.

In case you miss the mega glam, megalips version of Kris Jenner's youngest daughter, here she is, in all her put together and accessorized glory.

Personally, I am marveling at Jenner without makeup. She should do it more often.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (3)