How To Remove Gel Nail Polish At Home Like They Do At The Salon — PHOTOS

Gel polish manicures might sound like a dream come true, but removing them without destroying your nails can quickly turn into a nightmare. Luckily there are ways to remove gel nail polish at home that'll ensure you can get the polish off and allow your nails to heal. Long live DIY beauty hacks!

Before I dive into the ways to safely remove gel polish at home, I want to point out one major no-no. Even if it's super chipped, you have got to fight the urge to straight up peel off your gel manicure. New York City dermatologist and nail health specialist Dana Stern told Allure, "Nails are composed of cells called keratinocytes that look like tiles on a roof if you examine them under a microscope. By peeling off a gel manicure, you are not only removing the gel, but also the top layers of these delicate cells. This can result in white patches and textural irregularities throughout the nails." In summary? Peeling basically wrecks your nails and they're gonna take a long ass time to heal.

While I would still personally recommend going to a salon, especially if your nails are already not super healthy to begin with, the ways to remove gel nail polish come in handy when you just don't have time for a removal appointment.

1. Salon Style With Foil, Acetone, And Cotton

POPSUGAR Beauty on YouTube

Lauren Conrad and PopSugar beauty both advocate for the gel polish removal method of soaking cotton balls in acetone, then wrapping the cotton balls on your nails with foil for ten minutes. This will allow the gel polish to easily peel off without taking your top nail layer with it.

2. Soak And Peel

Orangewood Sticks, $2, Jovana

Lulu & Sweet Pea blogger, Melissa, put together a great DIY gel polish removal tutorial that doesn't use the foil and cotton ball method. Instead, Melissa advises buffing the nails to remove shine, soaking in a mixture of acetone and warm water, and peeling the polish off with an orangewood stick.

3. Gel Removal Kit

Ciate LondonGel Removal Kit, $23, Asos

Gel removal kits come with everything you need to get gel polish off, easy to use, and pretty affordable!

Images: Microgen/Fotolia; Courtesy of Brands