9 Snapchats We Should All Send This Thanksgiving

Now that Halloween is behind us, it's safe to say we are on the final countdown 'til Chowtown. For those who do not speak my lingo, Chowtown is Dasha-speak for Thanksgiving. The only holiday I truly care about. It's a holiday celebrating everyones one true love — food. Delicious, buttery, warm, tangy, home-cooked food. It's what makes the world go around, and the cold winter months bearable. Thanksgiving, you have my stomach and my heart in your stuffing-filled hands.

Since my parents do not use Snapchat, unlike every other social media platform, I have an opportunity to get as crass and creative as I want with it. In my head, some guy in a dark basement of Snapchat HQ who curates all the pictures we send out has seen the very best of me and the very worst. Thanksgiving is my redemption.

The holiday is filled with family reunions, football and watching your favorite Friends episodes. Thanksgiving is also a day to remind everyone that you are the Snapchat champ and that no matter who tried to dethrone you, you will end up victorious. If you set your mind to it, you can come up with Thanksgiving snaps that will become legendary, or better yet — viral. You might be the next Grumpy Cat if you play your cards right! Below are my ideas for some snaps we should all be sending out this Thanksgiving.

1. Pregame

People need to know your mental status prior to the event. You want to make sure you and your friends are on the same page. You will not bring your A game until the holiday starts.

2. Longing Is Such Sweet Sorrow

This tasteful snap plays with perspective. Also, took me like five tries to get my hand in the shot.

3. Wishful Thinking

This one combines your extensive knowledge of emoji and your ability to doodle. Impressive.

4. Excitement

This picture is the textbook definition of beauty, grace, and relief that you can start cooking!

5. Desperate. Need Help. SOS.

Seriously. What is the right temp to cook that bird?! Am I going to have to deep fry this sucker? Send help.

6. Gross Love

This picture will let people know you have that special someone in your life while you wait for the bird to cook.


Show everyone what you made with your hands and the Internet's help.

8. Satisfaction

The joys of delicious turkey are not wasted on you. You are truly satisfied.

9. Time To Sleep

And like the real MVP that you are, let everyone know you will not be reached for the next three hours due to your post-turkey Thanksgiving nap.

Images: Dasha F.