What '90s Cartoon Characters Would Look Like IRL

If you were like me and spent most of your childhood spurning sunny days and physical activity, instead choosing to glue yourself to the magic box known as TV, then seeing these '90s cartoon characters come to life is going to be a real full-circle moment for you. While I now have almost no hand-eye coordination, I do have an encyclopedic knowledge of those great shows from the heyday of Nickelodeon, MTV, and Cartoon Network. The characters became like friends to me, and I would fantasize about what it would look like if they stepped out of the screen and became real people. Luckily, those mind readers at BuzzFeed have put an end to my wondering with an awesome video revealing the real-life doppelgangers of our favorite ‘90s cartoon characters!

After watching this video and getting hit with a tsunami of nostalgia, I was proud (mortified??) to realize that I still remember all the words to the original Pokémon theme song. I also think that I may still be nursing a bit of a crush on that football-headed weirdo who rocked long plaid shirts way before they were mainstream. Daydreaming about how cute Arnold from Hey Arnold would be as my real boyfriend, and the depression that ensues after acknowledging that Daria and Jane Lane will always be cooler than I am, are only a couple of side effects of watching this video. So if you were obsessed with with the ‘90s, see if you’re more of a Patti Mayonnaise or a Helga Pataki.

Doug (1991-1994)

Doug Funnie

Doug's endearing sweater vest and white socks combo IRL is truly adorkable.

Patti Mayonnaise

I gotta give Patti props for her pink converse sneakers and matching pink polka dot sweater. She totes pulls it off!

Skeeter Valentine

Skeeter translates easily into quite the modern skater dude. Sadly, the honking noises are not included.

Daria (1997-2002)

Daria Morgendorffer

Daria is still oh-so cool IRL, with oversized hipster glasses, combat boots, and that monotone voice.

Jane Lane

Nothing says "I'm a total boss" like a red blazer and multiple ear piercings. Can I go back to the '90s now please?

Hey Arnold (1996-2004)


My childhood crush has finally come to life! If I were in charge, I'd make his hair a bit more spiky, but beggars can't be choosers. Now please excuse me while I kiss this guy.

Gerald Johanssen

From the hair that defies gravity to the mock turtleneck, Gerald totally hits the mark.

Helga Pataki

I relate a little too closely to Helga. Happily, I did eventually learn about tweezers midway through high school. High fives all around!

Watch the entire nostalgia-tastic video here:

But don't blame me if this trip down memory lane becomes the rewatching binge of the century.

Images: YouTube