From Sofia Vergara to Nicole Richie, Headlines Rip Celebs' Bodies No Matter What

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It comes as no surprise that female celebrities are being scrutinized for their weight. We see it time and time again — bikini-clad bodies plastered across magazine covers competing for a hypothetical "Best Summer Body" trophy or headlines that urge you to "check out her post-baby body just two minutes after giving birth!" In entertainment, what women do is no longer the breaking news. How much they weigh, how much they eat, and when they exercise is. Both Jessica Simpson and Shakira recently spoke publicly about the harsh attention and expectations women in Hollywood receive from the media about their bodies. But, it does not seem to stop there. Women also can't seem to make the media happy once they do adhere to its demands. Women who are chastised about their weight end up losing the weight to put an end to the scrutiny and then receive backlash for losing weight or exposing their new physique. It's an endless cycle of female celebrities who simply cannot garner Hollywood's approval, whether they are too fat, too thin, or too revealing.

Let's take a look at some of the headlines from this month of women who just could not win this never-ending battle.

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