6 Ways Your Sex Life Changes Between 25 And 30

I miss 25, but I also don't miss 25. I miss that I could drink and dance four nights a week and not get hungover. But I don't miss how messy it felt and how insecure I was and how everything felt so temporary. I like being 30 because even though my drunk metabolism is, let's face it, laying on its belly and pulling itself along the floor with one arm, and my stamina for "partying" turns into a pumpkin at midnight, most things are generally better. Like my sense of self. And my orgasms.

Sex becomes better with age. Remember what sex was like when you were a teenager? And how much better it was when you were 20? And then how much better it was when you were 25? Well, 30 is better too. As I'm sure 35, 40, 45, and so on and so forth will be, too. We have to shake off the notion that "aging" equals "bad." Good things come with getting older. Your experiences become richer, and you as a person grow and hopefully become a better and better version of yourself with each passing here. Here are some ways your sex life changes between 25 and 30:

1. You're More Comfortable Asking For What You Want

I definitely remember once upon a time being too meek to speak up during sex about my sexual preferences. The older you get, the more you feel comfortable saying what you want. And while you might not be totally comfortable, even at age 30, you're at least aware that you should be working towards a place and a sexual dynamic where you can tell your partner how they can push your buttons.

2. You Have More Self Confidence

I've found that I've been shaking off more and more body/looks issues the older I get. I'm not all the way there, but I feel like I'm becoming more peaceful when it comes to how I look naked. Accepting yourself and loving yourself are two of the more wonderful symptoms of age, whether that's borne of gained wisdom or general boredom/lack of energy when it comes to self-hating (I generally find I have too many other things to worry about to invest the same amount of energy in worrying about my looks as I used to). As your confidence grows, your sex life changes (for the better).

3. You're More Likely To Laugh Things Off

Weird stuff happens during sex and where once you might have been mortified, the older you get the more times those things have happened, so the more you get to be able to laugh them off. Queef? LOL! You realize there's no reason to be embarrassed about natural bodily functions.

4. You've Got More Experience

It goes without saying that the more life you live the more experience you have. If you're reading this I'm also going to assume that the more life you've lived, the more sex you've had. So at 30, you've had much more sexual experience than you had at 25, which will definitely change the way you approach sex both emotionally and physically.

5. You're More Comfortable Looking After Yourself

Women, generally, aren't bought up in a culture that promotes masturbation. For a lot of us, this is something we come into later in life. For me, it came in the last five years. If you're the same, well done! I can tell you now, sex is going to be better. If you're already there, keep going. You learn a lot about your body when you're all alone.

6. You Put Up With Less Shit

When you're younger you might put up with a lot of poor emotional treatment once sex has entered the equation. The older you get, the easier it is to cut sexual partners loose if you're being treated poorly. Sex doesn't tie you to people the way it used to, and it becomes much easier to stand up for yourself.

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