This 'Scream Queens' Theory Could Explain A Lot

When it comes to any horror franchise, I have a hard and fast rule: Anyone who escapes multiple life or death situations is more important than they appear. Outside of the main protagonist of any slasher film, if you're still alive, then there's a big reason for it. Either a.) you're one of the killers yourself or b.) you mean something to the actual killers. Granted, there are always a few exceptions to this rule, but I've always found it to be a rather usual tool when trying to weed out potential suspects. And considering all of the Scream Queens theories floating around these days, I believe this line of thinking could help piece together a big part of this Red Devil puzzle. Which is why I'm starting to wonder if Chanel No. 5 is the bathtub baby.

What makes me say that? Well, if you use my go-to rule, she has escaped death way too many times for it to be just a mere coincidence. I mean, just think back to all of the times she's actually come face-to-face with the Red Devil and lived to tell the tale. Sure, she's been chased after him/her in that Shining-esque maze, but we all know by now that the Red Devil never fails to get his victims, so if this killer really wanted Chanel No. 5 dead, then she would be. It's almost like the Red Devil is looking out for her in some sick and twisted way. In fact, we could even interpret the death of both her love interests, Roger and Dodger, as a potential sign of fatherly protection.

Grace's dad, Wes, has been super sketchy throughout the season so far, what with his apparent horror film obsession and overall distaste toward the Kappa House sorority. We've even suspected that he could be the bathtub baby's father, which could still very well be true. But that doesn't mean that Grace is the actual infant in question. What if — before Grace — he had another daughter who just so happened to be born in a bathtub? And what if that daughter was Chanel No. 5?

Now I'm not saying that she knows about this possible connection. Chanel No. 5 might be just as in the dark about all of this as we are. But considering that she's managed to escape the Red Devil's wrath not once but multiple times suggests that she has a much bigger role to play than just Chanel No. 1's verbal punching bag.

Plus, think about how little we know about Chanel No. 5's family. Who are her parents and why does she never seem to mention them? Perhaps the writers just don't find that particular detail important about her character… or maybe it's because they're waiting to unveil the truth behind her complicated family tree somewhere down the line. Either way, she's now officially on my radar and could be the key to unlocking this Red Devil mystery once and for all.

Images: Patti Perret/FOX; screamqueenstheories/Tumblr; screamqueengifs/Tumblr