Adorable American Kids Try International Candies

Aside from watching puppies look at themselves in the mirror for the first time, watching American kids try international candy is the cutest, darndest thing on the internet right now. Kids are the best focus group participants — they're optimistic, honest, and fearless. So when the adorable video content mavericks over at The Cut rounded up a group of expressive wee ones and filmed their reactions to taste-testing candy from around the world, the results were bound to be entertaining.

I remember my first piece of sushi. I was about seven years old, out to dinner with my parents and a friend at a Japanese restaurant. My more worldly friend ordered a California roll without even consulting the menu. At the time, all I knew of sushi was that it was raw, seemingly disgusting, and only consumed by brave adults. I was more into the Americanized Japanese food offerings like tempura, the breaded, fried jacket of goodness disguising any hints of vegetable taste from my vegetables. However, so as to not feel left out, I joined in on the sushi order. I copied my friend's every move, splitting the chopsticks, rubbing them together to rid splinters and grabbing that first piece of seaweed wrapped seafood and rice and popping it into my mouth. I took a few chews and spit it out onto my plate. I hated it. My palette was not impressed and I went back to my less adventurous menu picks for the next 10 years.

And then one day, many years later, I gave that same sushi another try. To my surprise, it was delicious. I loved it. My palette showered me with appreciation and love. Suddenly something that once repulsed me, was not only delicious, but my favorite food. All of this is to say that when you're younger, your palette is less willing to embrace new tastes. It likes what it knows: sweet, savory, hearty. I was reminded of this anecdote whist watching this video because one day, these kids will look back at this video (not sure how, maybe they will beam the projection from Mars?) and laugh at their reactions. They might even be popping saltwater taffy like popcorn while they do. Enjoy a few highlights below:


OK, clearly they weren't going to like everything. That would be a pretty boring video. The delayed reaction here is *amazing*.


This kid was not a fan ... of anything. International candy is not his jam. But his facial expressions are totally ours.


Finally! Something good! Something really good! I love how kids make grand, romantic statements like that.


Some of the candy blew their minds. This kid could barely speak his appreciation, he could only muster a thumbs up and like, we totally get that.

Watch the full, adorable video here:

Images: YouTube (5)