Tom & Ariana Are Still Together On 'Vanderpump'

It's the most magical time of the year. No, not the upcoming holidays, be real. I'm talking about the return of Vanderpump Rules Season 4. For three seasons, we've rallied together as a society to watch these SURvers hook-up, break-up, get married, argue with Queen Lisa Vanderpump, and wear a lot of cable knit sweaters (mostly the men). One of two couples that has remained together, despite the trials and tribulations of being young and attractive in Hollywood, is Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval. No matter what Kristen Doute put on her dream board regarding this couple breaking up, it didn't work, because Tom and Ariana are still together on Vanderpump Rules and as strong as ever.

If you follow the Vanderpumpers on social media, you, like me, might have noticed a decrease in couple photos from the two of them. RED FLAG. But, after some Instagram stalking, I realized it was all in my head. Vanderpump Rules couples of the past, like Stassi and Jax, have me assuming the worst in these pairs. Don't worry, Tom and Ariana are together and somewhere Kristen is rereading The Secret trying to figure out what went wrong.

In a recent interview with All Things Real Housewives, Ariana opened up about her relationship with Tom, and said, "Tom and I have had the relationship of my dreams since day one. The openness, honesty, and sense of adventure that we share is very exciting for both of us." Sounds like they're too #tooblessed to stress about any negativity that they might have encountered in the past. Don't believe me? Let these pictures prove they are A-OK.

Ariana Supports Tom's Hat

That's love, it really is.

They Have Their Squad

Noticeably absent: Stassi, Jax, and Kristen (and James, but he's probably getting his car washed or something). Tom Schwartz is also MIA, but Katie — his soon-to-be wife — is their to represent their couple.

Tom Is Still Ariana's #MCM

You'd think at some point she'd run out of #mcm photos, but she hasn't... which just speaks to their longevity.

They Rock Out To Taylor Swift Together

They never go out of style, you guys.

They Vacation Together

Even away from the Bravo cameras these two are going strong.

They Did A Couple's Costume

Michael Tullberg/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In probably the biggest proclamation of "we're still together and doing great" one can do at this time of year: a couple's costume.

So don't worry about Tom and Ariana, because they've proved time and time again that they're doing great and we don't need to #PrayForThem.