Alek Danced For His Hero On 'DWTS'

For better or for worse, Alek Skarlatos fulfills the part of the hero on this season of Dancing With The Stars . Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean he’s comfortable with the title. You see, on last week’s episode, Alek was shown being kind of bratty in response to his low scores during the week prior. I mean, who hasn’t wanted to flip someone the bird after getting a bad review? Except in this case, Alek was on television and everyone saw the brat come out, and coming into Week Eight’s dance, he felt torn. Alek didn’t ask for this “hero” title—as he told partner Lindsay Arnold, he’s just a guy who didn’t want to die on a train in France. Week Eight’s dancing was about choosing a person who inspires you, and, I suppose to mirror his own feelings, Alek chose American sniper Chris Kyle as his inspiration—another man who didn’t think he was a hero.

Lindsay choreographed a lovely contemporary dance for she and Alek, and it was really, really beautiful. The judges thought that perhaps it was a bit too simple for this part of the competition (and because Alek can certainly handle more difficulty), but I though it was a wonderful interpretation of Alek’s feelings on heroism and of his admiration for Chris Kyle, who, after leaving the military, worked with veterans suffering from PTSD and a host of other ailments. Alek even had the blessing of Taya Kyle, Chris’ widow.

I think the past two weeks have been a bit of a stumbling block for Alek, who started out so well in the competition and now is trying to find his place as the pack of competitors gets smaller and smaller. Hopefully, this inspirational dance gives Alek the focus and serenity to continue through the end of Dancing With The Stars—I’m certainly rooting for him!

Images: Adam Taylor/ABC