13 Times Alek & Lindsay Were The Cutest On 'DWTS'

by Braelyn Wood

When Dancing With The Stars announced the cast of Season 21, I was fascinated by the addition of contestant Alek Skarlatos, who made international headlines this summer after foiling a terror plot on a French train with two of his friends. The Army National Guard specialist was paired with DWTS pro Lindsay Arnold Cusick, who got her start on So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 and has been a regular on Dancing With The Stars for the past six seasons. I was super excited to see the two together, and, when the first performance ended, I was totally sold on the couple. Alek was immediately likable and a quick favorite for viewers, while Lindsay continued to choreograph the perfect routines to show off Alek's abilities.

And, let's face it, while other Dancing With The Stars Season 21 favorites may rock the dance moves, no couple works together as well as this duo. I think there's a couple of reasons why. For starters, they're at the same stage in their life — Lindsay is 21 while Alek is 22. Other partnerships come off as more of a formal mentor and mentee relationship. But Alek and Lindsay feel like equals, which means their dances come across as more real. There's a believability when they move together, despite the fact that Lindsay recently married her high school sweetheart Samuel Lightner Cusick. Howeve,r their chemistry is so strong, I still believe that Lindsay and Alek are the cutest couple on Dancing With the Stars. Here are 13 reasons they should be your fave too:

1. They Have Serious Chemistry

While nailing the choreography and technique might be important, having chemistry with your partner is essential. When Alek and Lindsay dance, I believe they're in love. This dance is like watching a piece of The Notebook.

2. They Are Barbie and Ken Come To Life

These two are perfect in every way. We know that he's a hero and she's a incredible dancer, and looks are not the most important thing about a person. But come on, these two are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. And when you put them together? Please.

3. They Support Each Other When Times Are Hard

Monday's episode was a rough night for Alek. He learned about the shooting that took place at his alma matter Umpqua Community College on Thursday and was visibly shaken. Lindsay provided a shoulder to cry on and supported Alek throughout the week.

4. They Are in Sync With One Another

Just like this high-five, the duo knocks it out of the ballpark every single time. Lindsay is always the epitome of grace, while Alek is sure to bring the passion. I've enjoyed every single one of the couple's dances so far and probably will far into the future.

5. They're Both Underdogs In The Competition

While Alek might be a hero, this is first time he's also been considered a star. Similarly, even though Lindsay joined Dancing With the Stars as a professional dancer during Season 16, she was demoted to the dance troupe until Season 21. Both Alek and Lindsay have a lot to prove, and I have a feeling they're going to do it.

6. They Are On Fire When They Dance.

I'm not sure if it's hot in here, or it's just me. But, these two were bringing the heat. And there's no doubt in my mind that watching this moment lit a fire in other competitors.

7. They Like to Mess With Each Other

Lindsay admits she lied to Alek about costuming for the television show and convinced him that he would have to sport red spandex and ridiculous rhinestones for the different dance numbers. But, that sounds fair considering he agreed to go on the television show without watching it first.

8. They Regularly Attend Media Appearances Together

I think the whole world wants these two to be a thing. Even though they're only partners on the show, Lindsay accompanies Alek to different interviews. And, it's not just because the interviews focus on Dancing With the Stars — most of them actually relate to Alek's heroic acts back in August.

9. They Take Impossibly Perfect Selfies

When I take a selfie, I often go through about 20 before I find the right one. I get the feeling that it's one selfie and done for Alek and Lindsay. Isn't that what they really mean when they say #relationshipgoals?

10. They Hang Out With Each Other Beyond Rehearsals

While I might not want to spend my free-time at a shooting range, I can understand why Alek values the additional training. And, it means he gets a chance to teach Lindsay something for a change.

11. They Look Dapper In Ballroom Costumes

More often than not, ballroom costumes wear the dancer instead of the other way around. But, Lindsay and Alek clean up well each week and look incredible in their costumes, including the time Alek portrayed a vampire and wore fangs.

12. They Are Simply The Cutest Couple

If you didn't giggle a little to yourself while watching this, then I'm a little disappointed. We also learned from this video that in addition to being adorable, Alek and Lindsay are honest with one another. That's a win-win.

So, while some might be disappointed they're not together in real life, that just means we'll have to find Alek another match. But, I have a feeling there will be a lot of volunteers.

Image: Adam Taylor/ABC