Jane Finally Followed Her Heart On 'JTV'

Is anyone else freaking out right now? Because I seriously cannot stop jumping for joy. (Sorry, downstairs neighbors, but this is a necessity.) After months and months of not knowing what was going to happen, Jane has finally figured out who she wants to be with and it all went down in the most adorable way possible. Though many viewers (myself included) thought the scales had been tipped in Rafael's favor after seeing the two of them lock lips last week, Monday night's episode of breathed new hope into Team Michael fans after Jane and Michael shared an epic kiss on Jane the Virgin . But this wasn't just any ordinary kiss that Jane would later regret. This kiss was magical (even fake snow was involved!) and made Jane realize that she wants to be with Michael, not Rafael.

It all started when Jane finally let herself relax and forget about the responsibility of motherhood for a few hours during Lina's birthday festivities. (It was a "pump it and dump it" sort of night in the breast milk department, which means some drinking was involved.) But it allowed Jane to think of herself and what she wants for a change. So when Michael appeared and the two of them locked lips, there was no denying what her final decision was going to have to be.

Jane and Michael share such an incredible bond and have amazing chemistry together. Having been in such an intimate relationship for so long, they know each other in a way that Rafael can never compete with. And that's not to say that he also doesn't have some very appealing qualities because he totally does. But he doesn't possess the ability to read Jane like Michael does or make her feel better when she's upset. That's the type of relationship that takes years to develop. And Michael has done nothing but be there for Jane and have faith that their love would persevere.

But now that Jane has made her final decision, the only question that remains is… what now? Thanks to Mateo's baby monitor, Rafael knows where Jane's heart truly lies, but I doubt he'll be willing to give up without a fight. Let's just hope that he doesn't develop Petra's habit of scheming in the process. Team Michael deserves a win, so I want to believe this victory won't be over before it even begins.

Image: Tyler Golden/The CW