Khandu Game Teaches Kids To Think Like Designers From An Early Age

The maker of Candy Crush may have just sold for a staggering $5.9 billion, but a new indie card game shows that games have the potential to be more than insanely addictive procrastination aids. Khandu is a card game aimed at helping kids think like designers. Created by Spanish design agency Seven Thinkers, Khandu encourages kids between the ages of 6 and 12 to develop their creativity and problem solving skills through a variety of design challenges.

Khandu is based on the concept of “design thinking.” Fast Company defines design thinking as “a proven and repeatable problem-solving protocol” with four steps: “Define the problem,” “Create and consider many options,” “Refine selected directions,” and “Pick the winner, execute.” Others have broken down the process differently; Mental Floss, for example, highlights a version that has six steps: “understand, observe, define, ideate (brainstorm), prototype, and test.” Khandu helps its young players to learn from an early age how to work through these types of problem solving processes. The game comes with four sets of cards that align with different aspects of the design thinking process. According to the game’s Kickstarter page,

Cards include a variety of challenges, tools, and suggestions, as well as ten “Khandus,” the colorful characters that act as the kids’ “clients.”

Seven Thinkers was founded by Alexandra Valdivieso and Norberto Chio. They explain their motivation in creating Khandu:

Khandu is currently available in both English and Spanish via its Kickstarter page for about $43.

Images: Khandu/Kickstarter (3)