9 Things '90s Kids Would Never Take For Granted

Things have changed a lot since the '90s. We do tend to build the '90s up as a golden era with the nostalgic part of our little brains, and it was, really, pretty good. But that said, there's a lot that's better now than it was back then. For instance, we're over our Cold War hangover. There are certain things us '90s kids didn't really have, or had that we look back on and cringe over — as I'm sure every generation feels about a certain decade, and which, in 20 or so years, we might feel about today.

With each generation we start having more as technology, science, and society advances, and from being have nots, and suddenly being haves, we don't take these things for granted. Nineties children are special children. We're the last generation of children who didn't live in a world of screens. Possibly the last who remember the dial tone of the Internet too. Remembering a simpler time means that we'll never take for granted the things our younger siblings grew up with. Just as our parents remember certain things we probably took for granted in the '90s. Here are nine things '90s kids would never take for granted:

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo may be far from his Titanic days, but he is still a great actor (even if we are more obsessed with watching him run around with supermodels and water guns rather than winning Oscars). But '90s kids remember angel-faced baby Leo, and we will never, ever take adult Leo for granted because we know how very special he is.

2. The Absence Of Frosted Tips

Only '90s children know how wonderful it is to look at a room full of humans and not see one frosted tip amongst their hair.

3. The Internet

I mean, we sort of had the Internet. But as I already mentioned, you had to dial into it. And it took five minutes to ask Jeeves anything. Yeah, the Internet f*cking sucked in the '90s.

4. Cell Phones

Again, cell phones were there, but we didn't just have them. We had to beg our parents for large brick phones with black and green screens that you could either use to call people or play snake. There were no one million pixel camera phones or group messages. It was a limited time for cell phones.

5. Being Able To Use The Internet And The Phone Simultaneously

No one these days truly appreciates the innate joy of being constantly connected to the Internet and multiple phone lines at the same time.

6. The End Of Dark Lipliner On Neutral Lips

Not having to wear lipstick that gives you mouth like anus is something '90s kids will never, ever take for granted.

7. Growing Up Without Social Media

When '90s kids were growing up, we just got bullied at school. Nowadays kids get bullied at school and then go home and have to keep dealing with it online. Having home as a respite is something we really, really appreciate now.

8. Physical Books

Especially the smell of them. And how it feels to turn a page.

9. Streaming Devices

Every '90s kids knows the beautiful sorrow of LimeWire, NAPSTER, and any other crappy downloading device that would take four hours just to download one Backstreet Boys song.

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