Leonardo DiCaprio Is The King Of Summer, Here Are 9 Ways To Enjoy The Season As Much As He Does — PHOTOS

I know sometimes Leonardo DiCaprio seems sad with that Oscar-shaped hole in his heart, but he has found other ways to be happy with his time on the planet. DiCaprio, like myself, might suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, as evidenced by those dreary photos of Leo in the winter. But perhaps for him, it's really Awards Season Affective Disorder. No worries, though. Once April showers bring May flowers, the actors is truly in his element. Leonardo DiCaprio loves the earth so much that he wants to save it, and he loves the summer so much that he practically lives on his boat. (Or maybe he always lives on his boat..?)

DiCaprio uses Coachella as his spring/summer kickoff, dancing like nobody's watching even though everyone is watching, and then cruises through August as happy as a clam, whether he is starring in any big movies or not. All Leo needs is some Vitamin D and some quality time with his yacht to boost him to nirvana.

And even though you are not Leonardo DiCaprio (a sad fact for all of us to face), you can still enjoy the sweet, sweet summertime just as much as our favorite snubbed hottie, and here's how.

Embrace Your Inner Child

I don't think I have seen a more pure example of utter elation than this photo of Leonardo DiCaprio with a water gun. I mean, it's a good sized water gun, but he is one of the richest men in the world; he could definitely afford a bigger model. But really, he's good with the one he's got, because he has a look of such childlike joy andis about to shoot that water gun with utter mirth and glee. May we all find such joy as Leo did in this moment.

Sunbathe Like A Lizard

Get some sun! If you have the resources, surround yourself with hot babes when you are chilling on a rock. If not, get a good book. Maybe the novelization of Titanic.

Try Something New!

Summer is the time to start something new. Here Leo is bravely balancing and paddling himself along. He doesn't seem scared but perhaps he is just trying to embrace his new activity. You will feel accomplished!

Play Some Beach Volleyball

A fun way to get some exercise and try to recapture the glory of your teen years. Maybe have a bonfire afterward and make out with your crush.

Enjoy The Water

Take a moment to reflect on how vast the ocean is and how much we don't know. Also wear some sunscreen and a bun so your hair will flow in salty sea waves when you let it down.

Invite Your Friends!

Summer fun in the sun is always better when it's shared with pals. I'm sure DiCaprio and this crowd are all very, very good pals.

Go For A Bike Ride

Throw on a white tee and hop on your beach cruiser. Feel the wind in your hair and get your tan on. But Leo, where is your helmet?! Tsk tsk.

Get Some Exercise

Gotta stay fit in the summer to make up for all the tacos and beers you're gonna eat outside. DiCaprio prefers to do karate on his yacht, but if that isn't an option for you, karate on not a yacht works well too.

Buy Some New Toys

That will make you feel like you're truly the king of the world.

Be Careful Though...

Channel summer Leo, but make sure you don't accidentally channel summer Leo from The Beach. Cults may seem like summer fun, but they're not!

So there you have it. Grow out your hair, splash around, maybe buy a yacht. Enjoy that sunshine while you can, because soon winter will come, and you could be feeling those Winter Leo Sads.