How A Man Proposed With His Wisdom Tooth In A Ring

by Lily Feinn

Do you fantasize about that magical moment where your true love drops to one knee, takes a small box out of their pocket, and pops the question? One quirky California couple has both Cupid and the Tooth Fairy on their side, after having their engagement ring made out of a wisdom tooth. I bet when you pictured opening that tiny box of joy, you were probably not expecting to receive someone’s bicuspid!

The couple, Carlee Alisan Leifkes and Lucas Mancoon-Unger, who fittingly got engaged on Halloween, had talked to Unger’s father about sending one of his wisdom teeth removed in childhood to make their dental diamond dreams come true. They worked with a jeweler together, but Leifkes wasn’t allowed to see the final result till Saturday when Unger got down on one knee in front of her family.

Since Leifkes shared a picture of the unique ring on Facebook yesterday, the post has been racking up shares and likes. Leifkes stresses that they are no ordinary couple, which is evident from their matching septum piercings and tattoos. They are happily making the engagement traditions their own. Leifkes writes in the post, “So incredibly excited to marry my best friend, the man who knows that his wisdom tooth means more to me than a diamond.” She elaborates on why they chose to eschew tradition, stating, “Can't wait to be a weirdo with you and dance our way through life to Thee Oh Sees and Black Sabbath. We have never been the 'traditional couple', why the heck start now?” You go girl!

When talking to Buzzfeed News about other engagement posts Leifkes sees on Facebook, she shuns their materialistic nature, saying, “It’s almost a contest of who has the biggest ring and whose fiancé loves them the most, and here I am with the coolest ring I’ve ever seen in my life!” Leifkes went on to explain to BuzzFeed, “My birthstone is a diamond. I don’t need one to prove how much someone loves me. He’d already moved all the way from Canada to do that!”

The couple’s touching story began when Leifkes travelled to Unger’s native Canada for a music festival. She writes in a Facebook post: “I wasn't looking for anything... Just the usual flirty wink from across the outdoor amphitheater to a black lips song. Holy crap, I was so wrong.” Their relationship turned into so much more as they instantly fell for each other.

Leifkes and Unger have bonded over being unselfconscious and free. Leifkes writes a love letter to her new fiancé in her engagement Facebook post, “You still hold my hand at concerts, and dance like you're not afraid of what people think. I thank you for helping me find that fun, wild, careless side of myself while also taking care of me when I'm down, and sick with a broken leg."

The couple plans to get married later this month in Las Vegas. Leifkes told BuzzFeed about their wedding plans, saying, “I’m going to have a cast, a wisdom tooth ring, a pink dress, and Elvis is going to marry us!” It’s only fitting that this awesome couple should be married by the King of Rock and Roll. We can’t wait to see the sweet pictures!

Image: Pixabay