This TV Parody Is Genius

We all love to laugh at the insane antics of the various Real Housewives, but wouldn't it be even more fun to laugh at people who are behaving even more ridiculously and are in on the joke? That's basically what Paul Scheer is letting you do with his new Hulu series Hotwives of Orlando. It's not his first parody series, but based on the trailer, it might be his best.

Scheer is producing the series for Paramount Digital Studios, who also produces Burning Love the Yahoo series that parodies The Bachelor on which Scheer has appeared. The comedian also produces procedural parody NTSF:SD:SUV for Adult Swim and created webseries The ArScheerio Paul Show, a recreation of you guessed it, The Arsenio Hall Show. But do any of those series feature The Office's Angela Kinsey yelling at Kristen Schaal to get Botox? I don't think so.

The cast is definitely impressive, with the Hotwives also including Casey Wilson and Andrea Savage, with other notable names set to appear throughout the series. The cast may not be as large as the contestant pool on Burning Love, but at least we don't have to say goodbye to one of our favorite Hotwives each week. And, as great as Burning Love is, it's tied to that classic dating competition structure, while the Hotwives can do whatever they want. Group dinners, fights, parties, doctor visits, shopping, it's all ripe to be mocked by Scheer and his crew.

Check out Hotwives of Orlando' s exclusive trailer from Entertainment Weekly, and to hold you over until this parody series premieres later this year, start watching Burning Love.

Image: Getty Images