Rejoice! Peter Is Back On 'The Mindy Project'

The many hours of praying at my Beyonce Pad Thai altar has finally paid off. After departing from the series in early 2015, Adam Pally (Peter Prentice) returned to The Mindy Project episode "Later, Baby," proving that there is a god, and her name is Mindy Kaling. Peter left New York last season to follow his now "my wife" (said in Borat voice) to Texas, leaving a big gaping hole in my heart that was reserved for ex-frat star stoners who randomly referenced The King of Queens(aka, probably only Peter). So with Pally's return to the Season 4 episode, you might be wondering if Peter is back on The Mindy Project .

Well, I have some bad news. And some good news. The bad news is that Pally's return to the show isn't permanent. When he left the show, there was basically a little asterisk on his departure that said he might make appearances when "his schedule permits." According to IMDB — which isn't always the most updated, but relatively reliable — Pally is only credited to be in the eighth episode of Season 4. Peter returned last season to the show via Skype calls with Mindy and during the Season 3 finale, when the OB/GYN office — sans Mindy (and Danny) — went to Texas for his wedding. So, this episode — while slowly refilling that hole in my heart with some cheap water beer like Natty Light — isn't necessarily something that fans should rely on for future episodes.

The good news in all of this is that you can still watch all of the episodes Pally was in as a regular on Hulu.

So let's cherish Peter while we have him. In "Later, Baby," Peter returns to his old stomping grounds, but doesn't get to spend time with Mindy because she's busy saving her fertility clinic. As much as I love Mindy's fertility clinic and all, I have to say that the Mindy and Peter chemistry was seriously lacking in "Later, Baby" mostly because there wasn't much screen time with both Mindy and Peter together! Mindy and Peter are the Wedding Couple. They've dance to "All Night Long" like Lionel Richie never dreamed of. How, I ask, did these two not get more time together during Peter's visit?

My hope is that Peter's next visit to New York is less about him being a crappy friend — although the image of Jeremy sitting alone in Texas with a parasol is utterly hilarious — and more Mindy and Peter time. Oh, and bring Danny back, while you're at it. I want the gang together again, as this world intended things to be.

Images: screengrab/FOX; Giphy